Convert a template from Static HTML to PHP includes


You might be one of the lucky people that have a website that is much larger than 5 pages. When you need to make changes to your site, then it would be a little time consuming & pointless to make the same change to every page on your site. For this very reason, I would like to show you how you can use common elements by making use of PHP includes.

In this tutorial I will use the free template jd_b030 available from the Interspire site. I will break this layout into a common header, a footer and a main content section. The only unique part of each page will be the main content section

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  1. kamal says:

    good convert .I want to learn more about that topic.

  2. Conrad says:

    Hi, this is simply what I was looking for and I would definitely like to learn more about this topic.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Shah says:

    I am very thankful to the writer of this basic tutorial. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jiten says:

    Wow that was much easier than i thought! Appreciate the tutorial, as always.

  5. Jet says:

    Good writing makes a tutorial lesson simple and fun to learn. I will be coming back often. (Just one small note. The grey areas denoting the header and footer sections which are to be cut and pasted did not show on my IE browser.) Thanks and well done!

  6. Raihan says:

    Great ! This is one of the best guide for beginner. Helped me lot. Thanks mate.

  7. Jason says:

    Thanks for writing this article.

  8. Voranee says:

    Thank you very much. Easy to Understand.

  9. chinasaint says:

    Thanks, this is what i am looking for, i'll download the sample template and have a try according to this tutorial :)

  10. Ali Can says:

    Thank for explanation, its perfectly clear and very easy to understand, well done my friend…

  11. white fish says:

    thanks for the infos. i should have lerned this years ago. so easy.

  12. Waqas Lone says:

    Excellent – i knew it already but the way this has been told is fantastic :)

  13. Byrdman says:

    Excellent Tutorial. I really learned a lot of neat stuff. One problem I had was with the code depicted in the text. The differences between the gray and black were not detectable. I could not see where the new code was being places. Please use a bolder or darker color where you insert new code. But still, a very nice document. Thanks

  14. Kevin says:

    Very organized way of explaining! Thank you.

  15. Csaba Németh says:

    happy! fantastic! :)

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