WebEdit Restricted Editing Part Three – Working with Dreamweaver Templates and WebEdit


In Part One of this tutorial series I showed you how to insert editable regions for restricted editing only. This was so that a clients edits could simply be restricted to certain areas of the page. In this case we were protecting the design and layout.

In Part Two, I then showed you that if you place any server side code outside an editable region that it will be protected from editing and will be maintained in the page when it is saved. This opened up a lot of dynamic possibilities for your websites and developing processes.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can team up Webedit Professional and Dreamweaver to make sitewide editing fast and very efficient. You will need to understand the way we will update the site so that it can be applied to any program that has a templating system. I will also show you how to set up a site from scratch and make it workable within the Dreamweaver program.

In this whitepaper, I will show you how to allow your clients to maintain a website within editable regions and allow yourself to make sitewide changes outside editable regions with a seamless process.

Introduction to DW templates, editable regions & Webedit Pro

I must remind you again that the restricted editing tags you used in part one & two are the same ones that protect server side code as well as restrict editing!! This is very important to note; nothing has changed in this whitepaper, except that we are learning about more functionality

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