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Creating a Basic Shopping List Script with PHP

Being healthy is the “new” thing around the office at Interspire. Rodney and I have taken up the challenge of Mitch and Ed and have been keeping to a strict routine of exercise and a healthy diet. Instead of scouring … Continue reading

ArticleLive NX 1.7 Preview

Hello All! Instead of cramming all of the new features into ArticleLive NX 2.0, we’ve decided to include some of the important features into a release before then so that our patient customers can get the most important features first. … Continue reading

ArticleLive Minor Update – NX

Hey Everyone!I’ve got an ArticleLive minor release for you, which fixes numerous bugs in the current version and also addresses some security issues. I was going to hold this off until our expected ArticleLive NX 1.7 release which contains many … Continue reading

Spread the Word!

Hey Everyone! Yesterday we made a little modification to ArticleLive running on our site to include bookmark links such as Digg, and more. You can see it now by scrolling down to the end of this post. You can … Continue reading

ArticleLive NX 1.6.2 and WebEdit 6.2 Released!

Hi Everyone! Today we are releasing two updates. They both include the latest version of DevEdit along with a number of bug fixes. In ArticleLive I have fixed a variety of bugs, some spelling mistakes in the language packs and … Continue reading

Syndicating Content with RSS and ArticleLive

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (this is widely accepted, although another common term used is Rich Site Summary). It is an XML based standard for syndicating website content. It can be used for any type of frequently updated content, … Continue reading

ArticleLive NX.1.6 Released!

Hey Everyone, I am proud to announce ArticleLive NX.1.6 has been released which now comes with a piece of cache. The version you will get upon download is NX.1.6.1 as 2 minor bugs were found post-package-release on Friday. The 2 … Continue reading

Someone order ArticleLive NX.1.5 with a side of DevEdit NX?

I’m glad to announce ArticleLive NX is now apart of the DevEdit NX club. The cross-browser WYSIWYG editor is now the new standard editor for ALL copies of ArticleLive. We figured the awesome features shouldn’t be kept exclusive and instead … Continue reading

ArticleLive NX.0.6 Released

Hey all, I’d like to announce the release of our next minor update for ArticleLive, NX.0.6. It contains a 16+ bug fixes, a minor security tweak, a few minor optimizations, and two new features; A Captcha input field for preventing … Continue reading

ArticleLive NX.0.5 Released

Hey all, I’ve just put the finishing touches on ArticleLive NX.0.5. This should hopefully prove one of our most solid releases yet. It may also be the last for a while as I start work on ArticleLive NX 2 with … Continue reading