Interspire Email Marketer's Email Routing Engine

What really sets Interspire Email Marketer apart from the competition is its integrated PHP email routing engine. Interspire Email Marketer can effortlessly handle hundreds of thousands of emails sequentially without ever having any problems that are common when sending to large lists, including:

  • Exceeding the servers memory limit, which causes PHP to crash
  • Trying to send emails too fast, which overwhelms the server and cripples any bandwidth-related activitiy, including the ability to view your website
  • Sending too much data to the mail server, which can have your hosting account banned
  • Duplicate sending to the same people over and over again because of a fault in the sending routine

Normally, when you want to send out a large amount of emails you would simply send the emails off to PHP's mail() function sequentially, however this method makes for impossible error handling, because the mail function basically has no error handling.

Enterprise-Grade Email Sending

In Interspire Email Marketer we've written a complete enterprise-level email routing engine that runs using PHP. The email engine is 2,000+ lines of code. Compare that to the typical one line of code that most email marketing packages use to send out an email and you'll start to understand the complexity of Interspire Email Marketer. Interspire Email Marketer is lightning fast at organising and queueing your emails to be sent, however it's the role of your mail server (this is independent of Interspire Email Marketer) to actually deliver the emails to your recipients.

If you require a fast SMTP server that's fully managed, read about our enterprise platform or see - all Interspire customers receive a discount on their fully managed SMTP servers.

I guess that leads to the question "what's so good about Interspire Email Marketer's email routing engine?". Here are the absolutely critical reasons why your business can't afford *not* to use Interspire Email Marketer's enterprise-level email routing engine:

  • Interspire Email Marketer handles text, HTML and multipart email sending easily, without using any additional system resources.
  • Popular email clients such as Hotmail and Gmail will strip certain characters from stylesheets in your emails, which can cause them to display incorrectly. Interspire Email Marketer makes sure this never happens to your campaigns.
  • Interspire Email Marketer allows you to specify the encoding of your email campaign (such as ISO-8859-1 or UTF8) and that encoding is carried over with the email.
  • All emails are sent efficiently using the least amount of system/mail server resources possible. This handles image loading and only loads attachments into the email once, instead of one per-subscriber, for example.
  • It can effortlessly send using a third party SMTP server or PHP's mail command, depending on your preference.
  • It automatically handles SMTP authentication and handles errors appropriately.
  • It can handle highly complex sends, such as when 50+ campaigns or sequential autoresponders are sending out at the same time.
  • Every single point of possible failure is handled by Interspire Email Marketer, which means if something goes wrong the appropriate action will be taken to either inform you or work around the problem during a send.

Interspire Email Marketer is simple yet robust and we're sending out about a quarter of a million messages!"
Jordan Hahn,

Interspire Email Marketer is the Right Choice

Email marketing is a critical business tool, and when it goes wrong your business looks bad. You lose sales and you lose trust with your subscribers. By choosing Interspire Email Marketer you're making the smart decision to have your email campaigns sent using a proven email marketing system that's already in use by over 10,000 people in 65 countries worldwide.

We've made sure Interspire Email Marketer is rock solid and you can rest assured that no matter how many email campaigns you send, no matter how many auto responders you schedule and no matter how many subscribers you have, Interspire Email Marketer can do the job. Every single time.

Next Steps

To learn more about Interspire Email Marketer, please try the online demo, watch the screencast or contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.