Screenshots of Interspire Email Marketer

A selection of Interspire Email Marketer screenshots are shown below. Try a demo to see the product in action.

Home Screen

Contact Lists

Creating a Contact List

Creating a Split Test

Split Test Statistics

Creating a Trigger

Grouping Contact Lists

Automatic Event Logging

Manual Event Logging

Processing Bounced Emails


Creating a Segment


Searching Contacts

Adding a Contact

Importing Contacts

Exporting Contacts

Removing Contacts

Email Suppression List

Adding a Suppressed Email

Email Campaigns

Creating a Campaign

Inserting a Custom Field

Spam Keyword Checking

Inbox Compatibility Checking

Sending a Campaign

Pending Emails Queue (Cron)


Creating an Autoresponder

Custom Fields

Creating a Custom Field

Website Forms

Creating a Website Form

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Statistics Overview

Printing Campaign Statistics

Autoresponder Statistics

Autoresponder Open Rate Statistics

Autoresponder Unsubscribe Statistics

Contact List Statistics

User Account Statistics

Creating a Custom Email Template

User Accounts

Creating a User Account

Settings Page

Email Settings Page

Cron Settings Page

Built-In, Private Label Help