Customer Testimonials

Every day we receive dozens of unsolicited testimonials telling us how our products have helped our customers. We've republished some of our favorite testimonials below:

Well guys I have been impressed with Interspire Email Marketer and it's functionality. I actually looked at Interspire Email Marketer several years ago, but opted to purchase a Windows based Email Marketing product (I don't know whether I should reveal the software, what the heck it caused me so much grief - "Mass Email Express". Biggest mistake of my life which totally screwed my credibility with clients. For 3 years I went without an Email Marketing tool until late last year I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Interspire Email Marketer just before Christmas.

Interspire Email Marketer is extremely easy to install, simple to use and am now confident that I will no longer suffer the problems I had with the Windows based solution. I sent approx. 10,000 emails to 5,000 subscribers in no time at all. My next step is to begin marketing using the built-in Autoresponder function.

I highly recommend this product to everyone conducting business online and can't wait for Interspire Email Marketer NX. I just know it will be so much better. Thanks for a great product.

Kon Stathopoulos (

What can I say?...I came across other product that do that same job before I came across Interspire Email Marketer. The othe products took me 1-2 hours to install and configure. Interspire Email Marketer took me aprox 20 mins. And after spening half an hour getting to know the front end I was designing my own templates and later on that day sending my first email campaign. The software is nothing short of brilliant. I love it.

Tom Parkinson, Optimum Reports (

I spent over 3-weeks researching, testing and evaluating over 18 various subscription services, tools and products that laid claims to providing hassle FREE development & execution of your own 'Newsletter /Marketing (email) campaign. As a technology COO, and seasoned, 20 plus years, Business Advisor/Consultant in Marketing & Sales Operations; I can unequivocally state, that Interspire Email Marketer is the product to be used in managing any and all email marketing campaigns in where you want control over the applications, results and content of each of your campaigns.

Dan Maldonado, COO | ATIBA Technology Solutions, Inc (

I always knew that email marketing existed, but I never thought it could be as easily to manage as when I bought your product, Interspire Email Marketer. You guys have answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. The free helpful articles that I receive is really helping me to market my web design services in a much better way. I will be purchasing the WebEdit software within the next few weeks.

Eddie Young, Jedi Marketing Concepts (

The first thing that strikes you about Interspire Email Marketer is that it's a bargain. Really. Prior to installing the first of many Interspire Email Marketer sites, we had been using some of the hosted solutions with per email costs. The math was very easy.

The second standout of Interspire Email Marketer is that it is so easy to use. As a design company we like to focus on content rather than engineering, and for our clients that use Interspire Email Marketer, they like the control they have over lists, statistics, and email newsletters.

Simon Darby (

After years using 3rd party software, we decided to give Interspire Email Marketer a try for in-house email marketing strategies. We underestimated your product!. By utilizing the easy to use interface and detailed tracking and reporting, we have seen great improvements to our email marketing conversions.

We now recommend Interspire Email Marketer to our business clients as the BEST email marketing software available anywhere! Thanks again.

Jamie Ratliff, Victoria Technology (

I had used different software for E-Marketing generation and tracking before, often with mixed results and downtime trying to configure poorly written code. Eafer [eager] to constantly up a gear in E-Marketing services to our clients, I had thought about scripting our own bespoke solution but with time restraints and the need for quick turnarounds on campaigns this was not feasible. After thorough research and checking feedback from other users, I could not find a better solution for cost, performance and end delivery than the Interspire Email Marketer platform.

It is easy on all levels of use but the simplicity does not undermine the power of this tool. For a comprehensive solution to any E-Marketing campaign, we have found this quite simply the best solution currently availabe. It has not only given greater flexibility to present clients but enabled us to gain new clients through the professional extended features we can now offer. Couple this with superb after-sales support, I can only thank you for developing Interspire Email Marketer to it's current high standard. Fantastic!

Ian Jupp (

I LOVE it! It's gonna save me lots of time, now that I no longer manually maintain my subscription list. Just one suggestion...please implement a DATE based AutoResponder. That would truly ROCK!

Ed Falcon (

There are 2 things that clearly make Interspire and their products leaders in the Industry:

1. Client support is the most superior we know of with any company we have dealt with. We deal with International Corporations all around the Globe, and most could take a leaf out of the Interspire Book

2. Interspire Email Marketer - The world's leading newsletter software for PHP is not an understatement. We have tried and tested 10 of the topline E-Letter creators in todays Market, and nothing even comes close - we will challange aynone or company to prove us wrong.

We cant be anymore exact or honest than that. Thanks you guys for living up to your promises!! From All of Us here and around the Globe.

Hui Martin (

So far it has been a very nice tool, we had the "usual" intial tunning and learning curve problems, but nothing to take your sleep away. Once we started to used as it is supposed to be, it has been a nice app to add for any direct e-marketing campaing. The tech support has been awesome!!

Manuel Sanchez, COO (

Excellent product with great support. Is an invaluable part of my business.

Peter Valentine

Although I have had Interspire Email Marketer for about 9 months, I've just recently started to use it. I've got to say that it really is very powerful and easy to use. The responsiveness of Interspire--from Brendan here in the U.S. to everyone I've dealt with in Australia continues to be far superior to that of any other company I've ever dealt with. As a non-techie, I really appreciate all of the assistance that I've received from your company. Every time I've inadvertently messed something up, your people have come through with the right answers, quickly. I can assure you that I'll continue to use your company's products when ever I can.

Richard Gandon (

The product is fantastic, we are using it for a few of our clients and will be pushing it as a service for all our clients, its very simple product for our non technical clients to grasp and utilise, as a programmer I apprecaite how much much work there is in making a complex task look simple. Also the support is on par with the best out there.

Richard Silk (

Fantastic product - I've implemented it for several of my clients' and they have all been very happy with it. Installation was straightforward - I had a few problems with some of the more advanced features but these were limitations of my hosting provider, and the support from Interspire was excellent.

Phil Bearman (

The ease of use of this product is outstanding. When I dive in deeper and see the possibilities Interspire Email Marketer provides to add easy revenue to my business...I am very happy! Excellent work.

Neil MacLeod (

We are switching to Interspire Email Marketer due to its robust feature set, well written and open code base. We currently use Active Campaign's 12All and Octeth's OEMPro. Interspire Email Marketer Combines the key features lacking in both, and adds the SINGLE most important feature we were looking for in a system: the ability to create 'event-based auto-responders.

Ed Phelps (

Great support. Quick response. Good product. Thanks!

Rev Neal Gray (

So far, we really like it. It was easy enough to customize and the functionality is all there. I have not used it a lot as of yet (set it up for a client), but first impression is good.

Stefan (

It [Interspire Email Marketer] was very easy to use. I was up and running in no time. We had one problem with sending multipart but got an answer pretty quick. Overall we like it.

Jennifer Edwards (

You guys do great work and provide phenomenal customer service! Thanks so much for all of your help! PS - Where can I post a "comment" on your customer service so that the right people see it?

Anita Chambers (

Just wanted to post a quick message to say thanks for making such an easy to use product! I've just setup Interspire Email Marketer for a client and absolutely loved the ease of it all. I especially like the import from an existing database - I was worried about this at first - but you made it so easy!! Everything is just brilliant about it!

Matt Facer (

Thank you for the wonderful piece of software, Interspire Email Marketer. I'm still new at this game, but your product has allowed me to add a new product/service to my business (and make me look good to my clients at the same time)!

William Fisher (

For anyone considering buying Interspire Email Marketer (or other Interspire product) you should know that Interspire provides excellent service. Norton Internet Security was messing me up, and Interspire's tech support diagnosed this immediately. That would have taken me weeks to figure out. (okay, I'm a little slow) And... it's great software.

Scott_See (Interspire Forums)

Thanks again... I can't tell you how happy I am with your product. I'd be glad to give a testimony any time you need one.

Grey (

... I have clients waiting [to] dump mailloop and others and convert to what I am now ranting about as the best list manager there is. Thanks for your great support.

Emily (

It's been a couple months now and I have to say that we are very happy with Interspire Email Marketer...

John Parker (

Everything is working perfectly now. I'm very happy with Interspire Email Marketer with DevEdit included. Thanx again for all the fantastic support you gave me!!! Have a nice Christmas and a very happy 2004.

John van Hoek,

I am very excited about this product and I'm creating an entire e-mail marketing and activist network around the power of Interspire Email Marketer. When I get it all up and running I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Alan Peto

I bought Interspire Email Marketer tonight. This product is just so awesome! And now you know that I am a SERIOUS customer! And it fills so many needs that those of us running mail lists have! And you are very responsive to future needs. I feel like I am doing business with myself, and that is a good thing!

Brian Jones,

We are most impressed with the look of your new Interspire Email Marketer product - especially as we are long-time, teeth-gnashing users of *********pro... anyway, we've ben locked in until there was a viable alternative, and now there is in Interspire Email Marketer!

Mike Laye,

Once again thanks for your assistance. We are almost ready to hit the road with our first mailing now. Some good news too one of the UK's largest electrical retailers has asked us to be the sole affiliate distributor for their xmas mail campaign to be sent to our optin database of almost 17,000. They have made this decision based on the features I explained to them about Interspire Email Marketer with the double opt in and unsubscribe features. They vetted the site and have tested the email. So thanks to Interspire Email Marketer we have a good opportunity of making some money on this campaign.

Alan Prosser (

By the way, installing Interspire Email Marketer was a piece of cake! Even for me! And I like Interspire Email Marketer a lot. I did use Mail***** before Interspire Email Marketer. But Interspire Email Marketer is farout the best!

John Van Hoek (

You are a legend... sheesh I wish I could code that fast (...actually at all :)). I really appreciate your level of support and going the 'extra mile' for your customers?a breath of fresh air!!!

Dean Ernst (

Yep, you got it going, I went to the install wizard and applied my data and BOOM! There it was. I am all set now and thank you Mitch.

Sean Fitzgerald (

... I just bought your fantastic newsletter tool. its easy to install an i managed to send my first newsletters.

George Meier (

I have already purchased WebEdit and Active KB -- these are amazing products, our clients are very impressed. We are excited to offer [them] Interspire Email Marketer.

Ryanato, Interspire Forums

Hi Guys, Just wanted to say a big thank you. I have spent days and days going form one mail management system to another, not quite finding the right product. One looked easy to use but had no bounce feature, one had a bounce feature but didn't have auto responder. I was just about to make a compromise on features then what did I find? Interspire Email Marketer! It has absolutely everything I wanted and more and it looks really cool and so easy to use. Just waiting for one of my sites to be finished then you got another customer. Thanks again. Alan PS I still hope we beat you in the rugby tomorrow though!

Alan Prosser (

Interspire Email Marketer is fantastic. It is easy to use, which is great for us because it reduces our support time. It has a much better interface, is less complicated and is faster than the other product we were looking at.

Melissa (

Thanx for your mail and after 2 weeks working with your company I definitely think that you are right when you say that you are the best PHP company ;-) Your support is perfect and your product too. We are now configuring it for 2 clients of ours and I'm sure we will be able to sell it further quite easy.

Benoit Balet, The Internet Company (