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Get a complete overview of how your knowledge base is being used.


An import part of having a knowledge base is user/customer adoption - how often are users reading articles, which articles are they reading and what are they searching for? Interspire Knowledge Manager's comprehensive statistics and reporting options give you a top-down view of how your knowledge base is being used.

Article statistics

See reports on most viewed articles, most popular articles, most discussed articles, and view article ratings. The article summary dashboard provides you with an overview of how articles in your knowledge base are performing, and includes summarized versions of article hits and ratings, positive and negative votes, etc - as seen below.

Article Statistics

Using Interspire Knowledge Manager's data views, you can drill down to see exactly which articles are being read and rated. On the flip side, you can see which articles are performing poorly - both by rating and by feedback. You can read users feedback on why they rated an article negatively and make changes as required.

Data Views

User statistics

User contribution is critical to the successful adoption and continual usage of a new knowledge base. Interspire Knowledge Manager provides a wide range of user statistics including most active users, author popularity and comments-per-user, making it easy to see which staff members are contributing posively to your knowledge base, and which are not.

User Statistics

Category statistics

Category Statistics

Categories allow you to group related articles together so they can be navigated by users of your knowledge base.

From the category statistics page you can see which categories are attracting the most hits, as well as category structure statistics such as how many root and sub categories (Interspire Knowledge Manager supports an unlimited number of nested categories, so you can organize your articles exactly as required) your knowledge base contains, etc.

Search statistics

See exactly which terms users of your knowledge base are searching for. Sort search terms by most to least popular and vice versa. See which search terms generated no results and why. Every search is tracked, stored and available for analysis from the Interspire Knowledge Manager statistics dashboard.

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