This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.


Distribute knowledge base articles using built-in RSS syndication.

Open access to information in a common format for easy distribution.

Distribute knowledge base articles using built-in RSS syndication

RSS (Really Simply Syndication) has exploded as a common file format for sharing data. Interspire Knowledge Manager allows you to integrate articles from your knowledge base into other web sites, intranet systems, and even legacy systems by providing multiple, easily accessible RSS feeds for:

  • Every category
  • Most popular articles list
  • Recent articles list

The standard RSS icon appears throughout your knowledge base in different areas, and makes it not only easy for you to distribute the content of your knowledge base, but also encourages users and visitors to add your RSS feed to their favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader.

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