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Choose an included theme or integrate into your existing web site/intranet.

Choose an included theme or integrate into your existing web site/intranet

Your knowledge base is an extension of your company - so why not customize it?

Interspire Knowledge Manager ships with a selection of professionally designed, XHTML compliant themes out of the box, but it's easy to integrate your knowledge base with an existing web site too.

All themes have been extensively tested in modern web browsers, including Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari for maximum viewing pleasure. From the control panel, you can switch between themes with a single click using the built-in theme browser (shown right).

You can even create your own templates - simply uses one of the existing templates as a starting point. All templates contain simple HTML and CSS only. They do not contain PHP code.

30 second integration with your existing website/intranet.

If you have an existing web site and want to include your corporate branding and colors along with your knowledge base, Interspire Knowledge Manager makes it easy:

  1. Choose the Embedded template
  2. Specify the location of your existing top and bottom template files
  3. Click Save

That's it. Your knowledge base will now look like the rest of your web site. Companies such as Random House Publishing, SingleHop and SoftLayer depend on their integrated knowledge base every day, powered by Interspire Knowledge Manager and wrapped in their existing web site template, as shown below:

Random House Publishing, SingleHop and SoftLayer Knowledge Bases

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