This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.


Multiple staff members can all contribute, with different permissions for each.

Create and administer user accounts easily

Using Interspire Knowledge Manager's built-in groups system, it's easy to create and assign users to different groups based on the role they will play in regards to your knowledge base.

Each user account has its own separate login id and password, making it easy to disable user accounts as required. Administrators can create user accounts in seconds, and the user-based filtering system makes it easy to find users if you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of user accounts.

Assign Users to Multiple Groups

Users can belong to multiple groups simply by selecting the groups they should be part of when adding/editing a user. If a user belongs to multiple groups, his/her permissions from the multiple groups will be merged.

Assign Users to Multiple Groups

Category-Level Viewing Restrictions

It's easy to restrict users to one/multiple categories when viewing your knowledge base. You can either create a group with limited category viewing permissions, or password protect categories. If a user tries to view a category to which they don't have access, they will either be asked for a password or asked to login, depending on how the restriction is setup.

Category-Level Viewing Restrictions

You can also make your entire knowledge base visible to the public, either on your intranet or web site.

Created Unlimited Groups

There's no limit on the number of groups you can create. You have precise control over how users interact with your knowledge base, depending on which groups they are a member of. It's easy to switch a users permissions - simply by changing which group(s) they belong to.

Per-Group User Tally

See exactly how many users are assigned to each group from your knowledge base's control panel. This makes it easy to prune your groups list and move users to/from groups as required.

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