This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.

What's New in Interspire Knowledge Manager 5?

See new features in action: Watch this screencast to see what's new in Interspire Knowledge Manager 5.

New Features at a Glance

Interspire Knowledge Manager 5 includes many new features which make it even easier to use and integrate the product with your business - whether you're trying to reduce customer support, share documents company-wide or train new staff members.

We sent out numerous surveys and asked for feedback from thousands of existing customers asking what they think would make Interspire Knowledge Manager better, and version 5 is the result of that feedback being put into action.

A summary of new features is shown below:

  • Microsoft SQL Server support
  • A complete workflow approval system
  • Integrated news posting and syndication
  • Search and index attachments (Word 2003/XP/2007, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG/GIF and HTML)
  • Mark articles as featured for display on the home page
  • Better statistics and detailed user/staff activity reporting
  • Database speed improvements of up to 15x on a basic shared server

See why this is our biggest upgrade to Interspire Knowledge Manager yet. Watch the overview video to see new features in action.