This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.

Accept Credit Cards Online

The all-in-one payment solution for ecommerce merchants

Accept all major credit cards from your online store and over the phone

When used with Interspire Shopping Cart, Interspire Secure Payment Gateway provides everything you need to accept credit cards and checks both from your Interspire-powered online store and over the phone. Some of the many benefits are listed below:

Apply online in 60 seconds
One integrated, hosted service
Your own merchant gateway account
Accept all major credit cards
Accept credit cards online
Accept credit cards in your store
Perfect for Interspire Shopping Cart
Free, phone-based support
Real time reporting
Accept pin-based debit cards
Accept checks and gift cards
Manage all payment functions online
Multiple, restricted user logins
Industry-leading fraud protection
Takes just 2 minutes to configure
No annual fee
No monthly minimum
Accept orders over the phone

What is Interspire Secure Payment Gateway?

Interspire Secure Payment Gateway satisfies and simplifies the processing needs of today's most complex multi-channel merchants. Whether your business is in need of Ecommerce, Retail or Mobile solutions, Interspire Secure Payment Gateway is the one platform that can consolidate all of your payment processing requirements into one real-time system.

Benefits for You, the Merchant

Interspire Secure Payment Gateway provides one integrated, secure and reliable hosted service for credit card processing and payment gateway services, at an exceptional value when compared to our competitors. We serve our merchants by bundling your Credit Card/ACH/Gift Card processing and gateway accounts into one simple solution, saving you time and money with one inexpensive package on one convenient monthly statement.

The All-In-One Solution

For ecommerce merchants, Interspire Secure Payment Gateway bundles your credit card processing with your gateway account, cutting down on excessive processing fees and consolidating separate statements. Merchants who use Interspire Secure Payment Gateway have only one contact point for any questions or support concerns they need addressed.

Interspire Secure Payment Gateway easily converts any PC with an internet connection into a processing terminal, enabling credit card, debit card, check, and gift card payments. With one solution, Interspire Secure Payment Gateway provides a simple, clear and customizable way to handle various transactions through our bundled solution.

Takes Just 30 Seconds to Configure

Support for Interspire Secure Payment Gateway is built directly into Interspire Shopping Cart. In just 30 seconds you can have your new merchant account integrated and begin accepting credit cards. See the configuration instructions for details.

With Interspire Secure Payment Gateway You Can:

  • Accept all major credit cards from your online store or over the phone
  • Integrate Interspire Secure Payment Gateway with Interspire Shopping Cart
  • Process recurring payments through the secure virtual terminal
  • Benefit from real time payment and transaction reporting
  • Conduct simple one-time web based transactions
  • No annual fee and no monthly minimum

How We Compare

Interspire Secure Payment Gateway is the most affordable choice for businesses of any size looking to start selling online. With no annual fee and an all-in-one solution, you'll save time and be and up running sooner for less.


Interspire Secure Payment Gateway

Industry Average

Setup Fee



Annual Fee



Monthly Fee


Includes Merchant & Gateway Account

Gateway $19.99

Merchant Account $24.99

Total: $44.98/mo

Qualified Credit Card Rate

2.10% + $0.25

2.90% + $0.30

ACH/Check Processing

0% + $0.30 + $14.99/mo

1.50% + $0.30 +


Monthly Minimum



Monthly Statement Fee



Gift Card Processing and Issuing

0% + $0.10 + $14.99/mo

Feature Not Available

Virtual Terminal



Recurring Billing



Batch Upload


Not Standard

Live Training/ Support


Yes, Fee May Apply

Unlimited User Licenses


Not Standard

Fraud Detection


Yes, Fee May Apply

Provides Traditional Merchant Account

Free, Bundled Offering

Not Standard

Secure Online Payment Form


Yes, Fee May Apply

Shopping Cart Integration


Yes, Fee May Apply

Custom Payments Form


Feature Not Available

Private Labeled with your company logo


Feature Not Available

Apply Now!

Click here to apply online from our web site. It takes just 60 seconds. If you have any questions or would like to apply over the phone, please call our merchant services department on 866-941-0284 or email