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  1. Can I have a license for a development or test site? How do I request a development license?
  2. My product tabs don't display and checkout doesn't work when I insert VeriSign SSL Seal code into my site
  3. Customizing the Cart - Adding a Landing Page
  4. How do I check my store authorizations to make sure they're set correctly?
  5. I want to set up Wholesale Prices. How do I do that?
  6. I have translated my files to Arabic, how do I make the text read right to left?
  7. I want to change the default wording on the page, but I can't find it! All I see in the HTML file is a %%LNG%% variable!
  8. I've changed my shopping cart domain and now I can't log in!
  9. How do I generate an ON SALE message for my products that are on sale?
  10. How do I create a Sitemap to submit to Google?
  11. How do I create a Sitemap to submit to Google?
  12. How do I remove states/regions from my cart's maliing & shipping options?
  13. I want to add extra stuff to my <head> tag. Stuff like meta tags, javascript includes, or additional CSS files. Where is the file I need to edit?
  14. I want my thumbnails to be bigger. How do I increase the size of my thumbnails in my store?
  15. How do I add an image next to the "View Cart" option in the top menu?
  16. Do you support Nochex?
  17. How can I reduce the number of items shown in the Recently Viewed panel?
  18. How do I add a hover message to my product images to let users know they can click to get an enlarged picture?
  19. If I add the cart to a subfolder, will it break my current site?
  20. How do I add states/regions to my shopping cart mailing or shipping options?
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