This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.
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What is Interspire Website Publisher?

Interspire Website Publisher is a content management system which makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain fully functional websites. Over 5,400 customers are using our software to power their websites and applications, including:

Business websites
Corporate intranets
Article directories
Blogs and personal websites
Video-driven websites
Online magazines
Community websites
Websites for schools
Web 2.0 and social media
Review/rating websites

Build Your Dream Website. Fast.

From creating your own content types to drag and drop layout customization, granular user permissions and beautiful website templates - nothing else lets you build such a customized website so easily.

Completely browser based
Drag and drop customization
Fully SEO optimized by experts
Create your own content types
Create lead capture forms
Design flexible lists and menus
Built-in image manager
Full WYSIWYG content editing
Full Web 2.0 & "AJAX" support
Google Analytics integration
YouTube video embed support
Full Twitter integration
Multiple users & groups
Flexible permissions
Dozens of website templates
Threaded commenting system
Unlimited sub category support
Batch upload multiple images
User profiles & pictures
Built-in logo editor/uploader
Email to friend feature
CAPTCHA support on all forms
Integrated modules system
Easily design integration

See the entire feature list

"Do yourself a big favor and spend some money for the best. I've tried the freebies and low cost packages; they're junk, with zero support. Interspire's Website Publisher is a highly capable and superbly supported piece of CMS software - worth every penny."
- Dane Ronnow

Business owners: Don't go out to tender for your website. Interspire Website Publisher is a complete DIY website publishing platform.

There's no need to have your website built from scratch. Save months and thousands of dollars with Interspire Website Publisher. It runs from your web browser and includes everything you need to build and maintain a world-class website. Combine this with unmatched ease-of-use, a slick control panel and world class support, and your website's coming in on time and under budget! See features list.

Web designers & agencies: Provide clients with their dream website in just a few hours from now with your branding!

We pioneered the concept of private label software, and now with Interspire Website Publisher 5.0 you have the only private label CMS specifically designed with your needs in mind. Astonish clients with websites that meet their business goals, add your own branding, "powered by" text and profit margin. The code is unencrypted, can be modified to suit your needs and is built on an enterprise-grade API and extensible module system. See features list.
"Wow! Where do I begin? I knew what I wanted in a software package, so I spent A LOT of time searching for the right product for me. I finally decided on website publisher by Interspire. It not only delivered everything I needed, it gave me more. I was able to add more content for my users that I would never have thought of without website publisher."
- Eli McGeever,

Website Software Screenshots

Interspire Website Publisher is a robust content management system which can be used to build and manage flexible content driven websites. Featured screenshots are shown below. You can also view all screenshots.

View Content (Control Panel)

Editing a Content Type (Control Panel)

Create a List (Control Panel)

Sample Website #1

Sample Website #2

Sample Website #3

Live Customer Showcase

Our customers use Interspire Website Publisher to build beautiful, easy-to-use websites which meet their business goals and connect with their audience. Some of our customer's websites are shown below.

Awesome Cuisine

Green Car Guide

Nutricion Tips

Zhongnanhai Blog

Carbon Insider

Red Tag

Caribbean Bug

TigerShark Trading

Blog My Wine
"We evaluated the market diligently to ensure the selected product would meet [our] requirements. We choose Interspire Website Publisher for its professional and well-developed code. Do not waste your money on any other software! This product rocks!"
- Clive Lincoln,

Learn More About the World's Most Flexible Content Management Software

The features page lists all of the features in Interspire Website Publisher. After that, why not watch the video tour and see answers to common questions on our FAQ page.