This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.

Thousands of Happy Customers Can't Be Wrong

Interspire Website Publisher is already powering thousands of flexible websites worldwide. A few of the most recent testimonials we've received are shown below. If you're serious about your website then we recommend Interspire Website Publisher.

"Wow! Where do I begin? I knew what I wanted in a software package, so I spent A LOT of time searching for the right product for me. I finally decided on website publisher by Interspire. It not only delivered everything I needed, it gave me more. I was able to add more content for my users that I would never have thought of without website publisher." - Eli McGeever,
"I am very happy to give a review on Website Publisher. I love it! I can create a whole site and articles system with your software and it comes search engine friendly. All I have to do is write articles and add content. Thank you Interspire being the first to finally create perfect website software. I am a loyal customer." - Andy Isaacson,
"We've only recently installed Website Publisher but; I must say I'm impressed to the point where we will be offering this to our clients. Simple to set up and easy to use, we've had a fully functional site built, complete with content in a few hours! Wholeheartedly recommend." - Warwick Berg
"YOU GUYS RULE! In fact, your support for Website Publisher has convinced me that I should buy Email Marketer and quit dicking around with open source s**t for my newsletter needs. Thanks." - Brandon Drury
"So far, I'm really enjoying Website Publisher. I love all of the smart features built into it. It seems you guys have thought of just about everything someone could want from a content site. Great product! Four out of four stars (from a publisher who's hard to please): - Brandon Cornett
"Wow!!! Website Publisher is excellent!! Top-rated!! I've been waiting for the release for almost 4-5 months..... My site is very much immature without Website Publisher; you can understand the advantages and easyness of [server-side code] over plain HTML. Once again, thanks a lot for Website Publisher. BRAVO!!!" - Anis Karim,
"I'm very impressed and happy with Website Publisher. As I develop my web plans I will be purchasing more licenses. The configuration and control is excellent. The support is excellent. I highly recommend Website Publisher!" - Frank Brammer,
"We evaluated the article software market diligently to ensure the selected product would meet the necessary requirement of our customers. We choose Interspire Website Publisher for its professional and well-developed code. We have now installed Website Publisher on four of our customer's websites and use the product to help with SEO techniques. We will continue to roll out this product with customer's websites. Do not waste your money on any other website software! This product rocks!" - Avr,
"I'm very pleased with Website Publisher and the support I've received. It's a complex piece of software for sure, but very stable. If you're looking for a reliable CMS, do yourself a big favor and spend some money for the best. I've tried the freebies and low cost packages; they're junk, with zero support. Interspire's Website Publisher is a professionally designed, highly capable and superbly supported piece of CMS software. It's worth every penny." - Dane Ronnow
"EXCELLENT! I've bought 3 licenses so far and plan to use it for all future developments. You guys have a hit." - Mike Periu
"Website Publisher is the [most] professional CMS that I've ever seen, suits most of my requirements. Last month I tried several CMS packages (listed in the page) and not even a single one suited my needs exactly. Then I decided to go for a commercial one, and Website Publisher satisfied me." - Ramesh,
"I was a bit unsure of buying off-the-shelf software as I didn't think that it would do all I wanted it suprised I was to find that It did even more!!!" - David Oglaza,
"I would like to say that the customer support experience has been the best iI have ever encountered with a software company." - Kris Kelly
"I am impressed with your products and site, I only bought the CMS [Website Publisher] an hour ago and already over the moon with my purchase." - David Lyons,
"Keep up the excellent work guys!! We are very satisfied with all the applications we have ordered from you." - John Nousis,
"Looks great. Website Publisher features looks similar to and that's really a compliment. If you have ALL the features of SitePoint cms, many webmasters are going to send cartloads of money on your way." - Jason,
"I have completed my testing of the different CMS systems out there, and my conclusion is that yours is one of the best. Here is why: 1.It seems that your product is the one with the biggest future. It is nice to know that there are plans for new functionality and that you take on suggestions from users. Also It seems that the product is updated more often than once a year. 2. The fact that you have an open forum also show that you don't have anything to hide, and it enables customers to share ideas and discuss the products. 3. It is good that you deliver the source code, since many people has different ideas for changes and improvement. 4. The product has a nice design and many features." - Thomas Balle,
"Thank you very much for all of your help. You guys offer the best support of an company I've ever dealt with. Microsoft could learn a lot from you folks." - Richard Gandon,