A Sneak Peek at Interspire Shopping Cart 4.0 (Coming Soon)

Update: Instead of replying to this blog post with feature requests, you can now post them in the Interspire Ideas Lab, as well as vote on other features and have your say.


As we wind up building features for the upcoming release of Interspire Shopping Cart 4.0, I thought I’d take a few minutes to give you a quick overview of some of the new features you can expect with this release. Our aim with version 4.0 is to include new features which we feel will make it even easier to map our shopping cart with your business processes across an even wider range of industries.

We’ve also focused heavily on including support for as many different payment/checkout providers as we can.

Payment Providers

Let’s start with the new payment providers integrated into version 4.0:

  • Amazon Flexible Payments
  • Amazon.com SimplePay
  • Beanstream
  • Camtech
  • Cardservice International
  • ChronoPay API
  • ChronoPay Hosted Page
  • Cybersource
  • E-Xact
  • HSBC Secure ePayments
  • Innovate Gateway
  • MIGS
  • MoneyBookers
  • MyVirtual merchant
  • NetBanx
  • Netbilling
  • NetRegistry
  • NoChex
  • Payment Express Pay
  • Payment Express Post
  • PayPal Payflow Links
  • PayPal Website payments pro
  • PayLeap
  • PayStation
  • Plug N Play
  • Protx VPS direct
  • PSIGate.com
  • Quantum Gateway
  • Realex
  • SecurePay Australia (formerly CamTech)
  • USA ePay

New Features

Version 4.0 will be a major upgrade and will be provided free to all existing Interspire Shopping Cart customers. We have managed to include an astounding number of new (and highly requested) featres in the 4.0 release, as shown below:

  • Line item shipping (option for different shipping addresses for each item in the cart)
  • Ability to tag products with keywords and view the tag cloud on the front end
  • Gift wrapping and the ability to choose if individual products support it
  • The ability to mark individual items in an order as shipped one at a time
  • Product variations can now handle dozens of combnations and have been rewritten to be faster
  • Ability to upload an image or type text into a box when adding a product to your cart (for custom t-shirts, etc)
  • Ability to add/edit customers in the control panel
  • Bulk/quantity discounts on a per-product level
  • RoyalMail shipping integration

New Store Templates

Version 4.0 will include a minimum of 5 (we’re aiming for 10) new store templates, all created by our design team. Some screenshots of store templates which have already been built and tested are shown below:

The “Luggage” store template

The “Office” store template

The “Software” store template

Multi-Vendor Edition

To coincide with the version 4.0 launch, we will also be releasing a multi-vendor edition of Interspire Shopping Cart. The multi-vendor edition allows one store to sell products from multiple vendors, and each vendor can manage their own products, inventory, process their own orders, etc.

The multi-vendor edition includes a granular vendor-level permissions system, per-vendor reporting and accounting features, powerful per-vendor shipping zone setup and customization, vendor profiles and more. We will be posting more information regarding the multi-vendor edition as we get closer to the 4.0 release in October. If you have any questions until then please contact Vadim Geller, our enterprise sales manager at vadim.geller@interspire.com


As you can see, version 4.0 is going to be one of our biggest releases yet, and it will cap off what has been a great year for Interspire Shopping Cart. In only 14 months we’ve built, released and continue to refine ecommerce software that blows competing shopping carts out of the water in terms of speed, features and ease-of-use – and that’s not my personal opinion. That comes from the mouths of industry veterans, tech reporters and bloggers who keep posting great reviews both online and offline, and also from the dozens of unsolicited customer testimonials we receive every day.

We’re hoping to launch version 4.0 in October, however because it is such a big release, the date will of course depend on when we finish our testing and when we feel the 4.0 release is up to the usual quality of any new release we make available.

If you have any questions about 4.0 please feel free to leave them below and either myself or someone else will be happy to help.

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73 Responses to “A Sneak Peek at Interspire Shopping Cart 4.0 (Coming Soon)”

  1. Dave says:

    All these additional features are great news however I have put off purchasing the Shopping Cart (just purchased the KM though) only because I could not find any mention of a Terms of Service function. I checked the demo and there does not appear to be any way to prevent a customer from disputing any purchase for any reason. For many small business owners on a shoe-string budget, a lawsuit, no matter how frivolous, can destroy everything.

    Is this not a consideration for any upcoming version?

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Dave. Have you requested this feature either by posting a ticket or by emailing/calling us? I haven't heard of it before but it's now on the feature list for inclusion in an upcoming release.

  2. Mike says:

    Mitch, this looks great!!

    Will this version be able to add orders from the admin?

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Mike. Unfortunately not. We fell short on time however that will make it into either 4.5 or 5.0 – it's at the very top of our priority list as voted by existing customers.

      • Mike says:

        Great Mitch. I saw the new thread about it and intend to post ideas on how this could work.

        One more question. Is a ‘tabbed’ product page interface anywhere on the roadmap?

  3. Michael Kopel says:

    Can you tell me if the ability to display a custom field at the category level will be available for this release (see ticket TXD-995907). I ask because this will determine whether I can move one of my sites to ISC before the holidays. I'd also be interested in knowing if any additional functionality will be included in the product import such as product variations or custom fields.

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Michael. Unfortunately that feature didn't make it into 4.0 but it will be included in a minor update after 4.0 is released in October.

  4. Great to see we now have a definite timescale in place now. Now…when will 5.0 be out (har, har)?

  5. Sola says:

    One word: Wow!

  6. Chris Vale says:

    This is great to finally see a release date for the software.
    Is the ability to have multiple taxes show on seperate lines at checkout ie GST on line 1 and PST on line 2. Going to make it in this release for us Canadian users of the product?

  7. Hi Mitch…can you explain what 'Royal Mail shipping integration' means please. Is this Royal Mail in the UK? Thanks, JP.

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Jonathan. Yes it is. It allows customers to enter their location/postcode and if enabled, their shipping rates will be calculated using RoyalMail's rates. You can of course setup a shipping zone for all of the UK or just for certain areas and enable RoyalMail as the (or one of many) available shipping providers for that zone.

  8. I just purchased your starter package and realize that I need more of the enhancements in the pro version, when v. 4 comes out I would like to upgrade to the pro version, what in the way of any issues could I expect?

  9. Jeff says:

    Great to see the addition of a file uploader for print shops. This will make life easier for a lot of folks looking for a more integrated print shop solution. However, there are a few questions brought to mind about the image upload function during order placement for custom print products.

    Any chance we can see a screen shot of the product page with the image upload function in place?
    Where will the uploaded file(s) be stored?
    Does the customer have the ability to choose how many files will be uploaded?
    Do the uploaded files go to a specific folder on the server named with the order number or do the go to a generic "uploads" folder?
    What kind of notification will there be for files that are uploaded with an order?
    Is it possible to add the uploader as its own web page so that additional files may be uploaded by a customer to the same order in the event that revisions or replacement files are required? Or, is there an upload function available within the customer account page for those who have placed orders for products that need to have files uploaded?

    Again, thanks for adding this function to the cart. It will certainly make life for us, the print shops of the world, much easier.

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Jeff. This isn't a print-specific file upload function. When adding a product to the catalog you can choose an unlimited number of file upload/text boxes that are mandatory or not before a shopper can add a product to their cart. The text/files are attached to the order and can be downloaded through the browser as required by the store admin.

  10. Sherry says:

    You also need to have "MONEYBOOKERS API" for interspire.

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Sherry. MoneyBookers is complete – I simply forgot to add it to the list. It's now on the list as you can see above.

  11. Peter H says:

    Any news on payment-surcharging? This is not legal in most countries and therefore would not raise high on your customer's wishlists, however as you would/should know it is VERY legal in Australia. The lack of a surcharging option is hurting us as a small business at this stage, and I am hoping you would've had it in version 4 (it has been raised repeatedly for a number of months now).

    Please advise when it is likely to appear.


    Peter H

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Peter. Wouldn't a per-order handling fee suffice for this? I assume you sell overseas and the fluctuation in the dollar is impacting your business? If I'm off the mark please email me with details: mitchell.harper {AT} interspire _DOT_ com

    • Johan says:

      Yeah – a payment-surcharging is HIGHLY requested!
      For all webshops that offers their customers to pay by Invoice / Collective billing or reoccurring payments the 3rd party companies offering this services charges extra fee that today webshops must pay them self so as Peter wrote the lack of a surcharging option is hurting many webshop owners with minimum 3 USD or more in extra cost per order

  12. Nancy Kelman says:

    You have not solved the most important problem if one is in Canada and needs to have two separate taxes showing on each invoice. I have been waiting patiently for weeks. My store has been put on hold until this is fixed. Now a second problem has come up. I can't even get in to the admin section of my store to show customers who drop by the bricks and mortar store (which is in my home) the products available to them to view the items. This is urgent. Please reply.

  13. Chris says:

    I haven't purchase interspire shopping cart because you can't set alt image tags and image title tags. Which is a very important seo feature.

  14. Andrei Radian says:

    Hi Mitchell,
    This release will be great with lot of new features.
    Could you please confirm if the saved cart, "persistent cart" feature was included to 4.0.
    The possibility to add item to the cart and actually buy them a few days later.

    Thank you

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Andrei. This feature is already included in the current release for guest shoppers. Their cart persists for 1 day at the moment but we're extending this and making it a setting.

      • Andrei Radian says:

        Thank you Mitchell. By “making it a setting” you mean it will be available for shoppers who have an account.
        Will the cart be saved so any time they sign in they can checkout and finish what they added to cart in the past
        or you will extend only the number of days for guest shoppers.

      • Andrei Radian says:

        Hi Mitchell. Thank you. By “making it a setting” you mean you will extend the feature of persistent cart so it will be available for registered shoppers so they will have the cart saved when they login to their account? Or you will extend the the no. of days the cart is available for guest shoppers?
        With Regards

      • Godfather says:

        That would be a very welcome feature, Mitch! One day is too short, to be honest. Should be at least two weeks, if not more.

        Excitedly looking forward to version 4!

  15. robert says:

    Is it possible in version 4 to re-assign download links to customers in admin if they have used up their free downloads and the time has expired? This is a pretty essential piece of kit for us digital download sellers.

    Also has a feature been added yet where you can you change the size of the product images featured on the homepage and products page in version 4 ?

    Can you turn off shipping information for download orders?

    Sorry for all the questions, we are very keen to move to Interspire, just need to wait for these points.

  16. Hi Mitchell,

    Can't wait for the 4.0 edition to be release, just one small request. When printing an invoice or package slip is it possible to put the actual order date on the doc? This allows us to track time of order to time of delivery.

  17. Jeff says:

    It sure would be perfect if you could add a feature to this where a customer purchasing a downloadable product, and is paying with paypal, could skip the billing details except for the needed email address, and receive the product ananamously. Is it too late to add this option?

  18. Dan says:

    Does this release include a “Purchase Order” feature? For all of us dropshippers using the cart, the ability to print a Purchase Order for our vendors would be very helpful than having to re-type it manually. The invoice and packing slip options aren’t quite enough.

  19. Adam says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Do you know which version in the future will have the ability to add multiple fixed pricing options for each product. We sell in the UK to Ireland and other European countries using delivery firms such as citilink, and sometimes the more expensive Royal Mail. Although I’m glad to see Royal Mail as a shipping option it would be nice to have the option for setting per product a fixed shipping cost to multiple locations like Ireland, France, UK etc. At the moment we can choose one fixed shipping cost when in reality it will cost a lot more to ship to Ireland and France than our UK shipping price, therefore showing the need to provide multiple fixed shipping options per product. Using the ship by weight option isn’t really feasible with over 600 products that vary in shipping cost greatly. Cheers Adam

  20. Daniel R says:

    I requested that feature when ISC was in beta step: a SMS (micro payment) payment using, for exemple, rentabiliweb.com. Rentabiliweb is widely used in Europe, especeally in France.

    There is a chance to have it ?

  21. George Botley says:

    Hi Mitch,
    My names George a UK partner and i was wondering if the DHL and Parcel2Go shipment services are on the list for the next version. I requested this addon a while ago as they are the two couriers i use for my customers.

  22. Rob says:

    Hi Just would like to has a web designer, about Interspire Shopping Cart 4.0.
    Can one access the html code, and have control over the images has well and also Flash

    • Hi Rob,
      Being a web developer/designer myself it is very easy to customise the compelete layout of any Interspire products. I would highly recommend reading the customization guide located in the Knowledge Base.

  23. Lars says:

    "Ages" ago (when the software was still in beta state) I bought the enterprise edition. I asked several time for a multi language edition (each article can be published in different languages). A sales agent promised that this feature will be included in the upcomming version 4.0.
    So far I was not able to see this new feature….
    I payed for the enterprise edition – but I am not using it…..

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Lars. When multi-language is released we will extend your support for another 12 months for free. Apologies for the delay but sometimes we have to prioritize other features.

  24. Would it be possible to add the ability to charge a small order fee to this upcoming version (for use on orders where items total less than “X” dollar amount)? This could be like the handling fee with the option to show it separately or include it with “shipping/handling.” It would be good to also include a customizable message when this is charged, with the default something like “Save $x.xx if you purchase an additional $x.xx.”

  25. Johan S says:

    In version 4, will it be possible to include a email link to the customers Invoice so that he/she can print out recipt or save reciept as PDF from client are!?

    Keep up the good work!

  26. Jon says:


    2 things that would be great

    Allow the customer to preorder products and enter card details, but only be charged once the order is in stock and processed

    Royal Mail – If the tracking reference number could be sent with the order and provide a link to the Royal tracking system



  27. Jon says:


    2 things that would be great

    Allow the customer to preorder products and enter card details, but only be charged once the order is in stock and processed

    Royal Mail – If the tracking reference number could be sent with the order and provide a link to the Royal tracking system



  28. matt says:

    i am excited to see what the 4.0 shop cart will have and look forward to custom fields (and more flexibility with that) when importing many product items. If that is ready in October that will be great for us!

    The other thing i am hoping for is the ability to have listening links for each product since we sell music. That could be a deal breaker for us. I would hope that i could import either links to mp3 files or the files themselves along with other product data fields when importing csv files for all the products.

    Will this be possible in the near future? A custom field to import .mp3 or .pdf files along with the other product data for each product? ~ thanks

  29. Andrew Ruditser says:


    Will this new release support DHL for shipping and live quotes? Any plans to support integration with Peachtree accounting?

    Thank You

  30. Derrick says:

    I have submitted my app for the partner program and the new version looks great. One feature I have not seen, and I may have missed it somewhere, is either a built in forum or forum module. Forums are a great SEO tool and freebie for visitors. However, awesome product. Heads above others. And, implementing customer suggestion sets you even farther apart. Also, adding to Chris’ suggestion about “alt” tags, it would be nice to be able to add a “title” tag to certain links for enhanced seo. Adding “title” tags to important links makes certain anchor text more attractive to search engines.
    Thanks Mitchell for your great responses.

  31. Jean Morency says:

    Any change in they way your system manage subscription base purchase?

  32. Jean Morency says:

    Any change on how your system manage paid subscription?

  33. Sarah says:

    groooovy, sounds great Mitch & team.
    Just waiting for the AUD to go back up against the USD…… any possibility of purchasing this locally in AUD? ;)

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Sarah. Sure, just give us a call on (02) 9262-7770 and we'll help you out. I don't think the dollar's going back up to 95+ cents any time soon though :)

  34. Luke says:

    Great news, really looking forward to this, REALEX has been requested by many of our Irish clients, glad to see it made it to the release.

    A few features I have requested is a way for customers to add an email address to a product to be notified when it is back in stock (obviously this feature only displays when the stock level is very low or zero).

    Interspire is #1 for shopping cart software, keep up the fantastic work you all do.

    Also, Mitchell Harper, do you own Interspire? I have always wondered if you was the main name at Interspire :-)

  35. Less Wright says:

    Any word on whether 4.0 will include truly integrated shipping (i.e. click and print UPS or Fedex labels rather than hand make them)?
    We’re using the cart for our wholesale vendors (low volume due to higher quantity per order) and is working well, but we can’t move to the cart for our diamond simulant retail side as we can’t hand make shipping labels via cut and paste due to the much higher order volume.
    Otherwise, the cart is working well and our wholesalers really like the features already there, but we need the truly integrated shipping to standardize the business on interspire cart and I have to assume this is the same for any business doing higher volume.
    Thanks for any updates on this!

  36. Andrei Radian says:

    Thank you Mitchell. By “making it a setting” you mean you will extend the feature of persistent cart so it will be available for registered shoppers so they will have the cart saved when they login to their account? Or you will extend the the no. of days the cart is available for guest shoppers?
    With Regards

  37. Tim says:

    First of all, love the product.

    Does this version have order editing capabilities?

    I know from experience with other products that sometimes a customers payment isnt posted back correctly from PayPal, WorldPay etc and I need to manually update their order, or perhaps edit it to grant them access to a different product. Since I deal with mostly downloadable products I need to be able to manually modify a customers order to grant them access to different products (eg, if they ordered the wrong product, or extend their limits on downloadable files etc).

    With the current SC this has to be done by editing the database, any movement in this area?

    Still waiting on subscriptions as well, is this on the drawing board?

  38. Any ideas about when we will see the subscription product payments?
    And the ability to tie these into a membership password area?
    Plus, deeper integration with EM – autoresponders that follow rules and move people from one list to another depending upon which product they download / or buy?

  39. Leena says:

    Great. Bring on october! I can't wait…..how much is this multi vendor thing going to cost do you think? (In relation to ultimate version)

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Leena. Please contact Vadim (our enterprise sales manager) via phone or email to discuss your needs and pricing for the multi-vendor edition.

  40. Leena says:

    Is there/will there be on on product import a field to tell the shopping cart whether to track inventory, and whether to use product variations and which ones. We import a lot of clothing, with different variations and it is a pain to have to go back into the products to edit them individually or use sql code to do it automatically.
    Also, can there be two more or so product image upload fields, so that the extra images can be automatically uploaded too? Very important for us.
    Superb cart though, can’t wait for 4.0 and then 5.0!

  41. Lasse says:

    Will you include bigger images on product pages in this release?

  42. Jason Rogers says:

    Still don't see Canadian merchant processors on the list of integrated plugins – PSiGate, InternetSecure, etc…

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Jason. PSIGate is done and ready for v4. I've just updated the blog to mention its inclusion. InternetSecure is on the list of payment providers for an upcoming release, so we're onto it.

  43. Dave Gray says:

    By "provided free to all existing Interspire Shopping Cart customers", do you mean
    a. customers with a current support agreement, or
    b. any customer that has a previous version?

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Yes, existing shopping cart customers with a valid support agreement, which is what entitles them to free updates (bug fixes) and also free upgrades at the moment (as discussed on the upgrade policy page, linked from the pricing page).

  44. Chris says:

    Awesome as ever – if you want to make my world perfect all I'd like are two things added Secure Trading adding to the payments list please and the ability for administrators to edit an order once it has been placed by a customer – that would taste even better than chocolate :-)

    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi Chris. Adding/editing orders manually is 90% done and will be included in v4 also – it's not on the list because we weren't sure how we'd go for time, but we've managed to squeeze it in.

  45. David barrett says:

    Hello Mitchell,

    We have thousands of affiliates who are selling our products using a another shopping cart system.. How do we migrate them over without an affiliate management/channel feature built-in to Interspire?

    Something to consider. 40% of our sales are done through affilates.



    • Mitchell Harper says:

      Hi David. If your affiliate program isn't bundled into your store you wouldn't need to migrate them per se. You would simply paste your affiliate tracking and conversion code into the Settings -> Affiliate Settings page and everything would continue to track as usual.

      Hope that helps.

  46. Neil Jones says:

    A secure trading payment module & a discount system which lets you select buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 3rd etc would be a welcomed feature and would top off a superb bit of software.

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