Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5 Released – Includes Photo Zoom, Google Website Optimizer Integration and More


After 3 months of development, 6 weeks in beta and dozens of resolved features and bugs, Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5 is finally available for purchase and upgrade from our web site and client area.

What’s New?

Where do I start? This is a major upgrade with a big focus on merchandising – features which help increase your conversion rate and the average time someone spends shopping in your online store.

Here’s a list of the new features:

  • Google Website Optimizer Support – Test different versions of site-wide items to see which results in more sales. For example, test different “Add to Cart” buttons while also testing different checkout buttons, product names, category descriptions and more. In total there are 18 different tests you can run – more than any other e-commerce platform provides.
  • Image Thumbnails, Zoom and Custom Sizes – We know from your
    feedback that images are the most important part of your online store,
    so we’ve added the ability to display thumbnails on the product page.
    There’s also image zoom on rollover and custom (configurable) image
    sizes for different sections of your online store.
  • YouTube Search and Embed – Search for videos on YouTube
    right from your “Add a Product” page and have them display in a
    beautiful video player on your product pages. Easily find (or upload)
    video reviews for products you sell, add them to your product page and
    watch your order rate increase.
  • QuickBooks and StoneEdge Two Way Sync – Easily sync your
    orders, products, customers and more to/from Intuit QuickBooks or
    StoneEdge Order Manager with just a few clicks.
  • Change the Store’s Header Graphic – You can make changes to
    the existing header graphic in your store’s design or even download a
    plain version of the header graphic to modify as required.
  • Auto-Generated HTML and XML Sitemaps – The HTML sitemap will
    allow the search engines to crawl and index all pages in your online
    store, while the XML sitemap can be submitted using Google Webmaster
    Tools to get more details on crawling/indexing problems which you can
    then correct to improve how your online store ranks in the search
  • Search Products, Categories, Brands, News and Web Pages -
    Your customers will be able to search more than just products in your
    store. They can search categories and brands by name and even content
    in news items and web pages you’ve created. Search results are
    separated into easily-accessible tabs and are fully configurable.
  • Accept and Process Payments When Taking a Phone Order -
    You’ll be able to take payment then-and-there when adding a phone order
    through your store’s control panel. No more processing payments
    manually after you take the order.
  • More Varied Store Designs – We’ve crafted over 15 additional
    store designs for a wide range of industries, bringing the total of
    over 60 store designs available to all BigCommerce store owners
    absolutely free.
  • Embed Videos Into Product Descriptions – Just paste in a
    link from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe or Megavideo and we’ll automatically
    create the HTML code and add the video to your product’s description.
  • Photo Gallery – All uploaded images are accessible from the
    new photo gallery, so if you want to use the same photos for multiple
    products you only have to upload them once. You can even use photos
    that have already been uploaded to other websites.
  • An AddThis Button on Product Pages – Take advantage of
    product recommendations with the AddThis button. In one click shoppers
    can easily share a link to a product in your store with their friends
    via email, Twitter, FaceBook and dozens of other social media services.
  • Abandoned Order Report – See a list of all incomplete orders
    along with shopper details so you can follow up and see why they didn’t
    complete their order. You can choose how many days these orders remain
    in your store’s control panel before they’re removed.
  • Sales Tax Report - Easily create a sales tax report filtered
    by date range which you can export into Microsoft Excel for further
    processing or to send directly to your accountant.
  • Various Improvements – Along with new features we’ve also
    improved existing functionality. A complete list of improvements will
    be included with the change log upon release.

Try the Online Demo!

Put Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5 to the test in our live online demo. The demo lets you build and customize your own online store and all features are available. Try the demo.

How to Upgrade

Existing store owners can upgrade immediately from the client area. Simply go to the “Downloads” page to get the latest release. The upgrade guide (and video) steps you through the process.

If you’ve made changes to the HTML or CSS in your store’s design using the QuickEdit browser-based editor or via FTP then you’ll need to make some changes to your template files so they are compatible with the 5.5 release. The design upgrade guide explains everything and steps you through the process.

If you’ve only used design mode to change the layout or text in your store then you don’t need to make any changes to your template files after upgrading.

Prefer a Hosted Offering Instead?

If you’re looking to get started selling online but would prefer a fully managed, hosted e-commerce platform then you should consider BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is the hosted offering of Interspire Shopping Cart and was voted the #1 e-commerce and shopping cart platform in the world by Top10Reviews, the Internet’s most popular software review website.

It includes all of the features found in Interspire Shopping Cart, runs on our world-class hosting infrastructure, has phone support, free upgrades for life and starts from just $24.95 per month for the bronze plan.

You can see plans and pricing here.

What’s Coming Next?

The roadmap for the next release of Interspire Shopping Cart will be published on track, our public-facing bug tracking and project management tool next week.

Tentatively this will be versioned as 5.6 and will include full drop shipping and multiple warehouse support, shipping labels for UPS, FedEx and USPS, pre/back order support and integration with various complimentary 3rd party SaaS offerings relating to email marketing and book keeping among other features.

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8 Responses to “Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5 Released – Includes Photo Zoom, Google Website Optimizer Integration and More”

  1. Great News, but I cannot download ISC 5.5. I am in my client area and all I can see is an option to download Interspire Shopping Cart 5.5.1 which is my current version anyway.

    In the "Download Products" page there is no other version to be downloaded. In regards to ISC 5.5 it is still written that it's beta.

    How should I proceed?

  2. shoprite says:

    Fantastic I am upgrading right now, thanks guys have been waiting for this for ages.

  3. Jon says:

    What about Virtual Mall edition? Is it at version 5.5 yet?

  4. Marsh Media says:

    Great to see guys. Sterling work previously and this is a welcome and feature packed update.
    We recommend all our clients to use Interspire products and this release just strengthens that!

  5. Todd says:

    Exciting news about the upgrade. Is it possible to know more about how Interspire now synchs with Quickbooks? Is this documented somewhere or could you explain more? I'm particularly interested in knowing whether my product data from Interspire could be used to populate quickbooks or vice versa? I'm keen to avoid inputting data twice….

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