Shopping Cart, Knowledge Manager and Website Publisher Being Discontinued On July 1st

As you may know if you’ve been following along, our focus lately has been on BigCommerce, which is our SaaS e-commerce offering. BigCommerce has been growing extremely fast since it was launched in 2009 and it’s now very close to reaching 25,000 clients.

When we launched Interspire back in 2003, SaaS was still a new concept and our focus, much like everyone else’s was on perpetually licensed (or “behind the firewall”, as it’s now called) software. Since then, times have of course changed and now most software is delivered on-demand.

As a result, today we’re announcing that on July 1st 2012 we will be discontinuing the following products:

  • Interspire Shopping Cart
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager
  • Interspire Website Publisher

This means that up until July 1st you will still be able to purchase licenses of these products, however on July 1st we will no longer be selling new licenses, upgrades or extra maintenance.

All existing clients will continue to receive support until their maintenance period expires, however after July 1st there won’t be an option to extend or renew any maintenance period.

If you are an Interspire Shopping Cart customer and would like to switch to BigCommerce, then please go here to learn more. We have partners dedicated to assisting with the migration process and you can look forward to dozens of new features which are part of BigCommerce.

Thank you for supporting the Interspire products over the years and we hope they’ve helped you grow your business and revenues. Our focus moving forwards is on BigCommerce and really empowering business owners to take advantage of our SaaS e-commerce offering to grow their business.

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