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WebEdit Restricted Editing Part One – Inserting Editable Regions

Introduction In WebEdit Professional, Restricted editing mode allows you to “lock” the page being edited and only allows editing of predefined regions. We call these regions “editable regions”. These editable regions will stop curious editing by your clients (or novice … Continue reading

WebEdit Restricted Editing Part Two – Using & protecting your dynamic code

Introduction You can use dynamic code in the same pages that you are editing with WebEdit Professional and through the use of editable regions, this code will stay intact as you edit only the static sections of the page. In … Continue reading

WebEdit Restricted Editing Part Three – Working with Dreamweaver Templates and WebEdit

Introduction In Part One of this tutorial series I showed you how to insert editable regions for restricted editing only. This was so that a clients edits could simply be restricted to certain areas of the page. In this case … Continue reading

Edit a PHP includes website in WebEdit Professional

Introduction Webedit Professional is great for allowing your end-users to update changes on a page by page basis. In most cases you want and need to use common elements that should not need to change per page, and should be … Continue reading