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How to Integrate SendStudio into ArticleLive

Introduction One of the great new features in ArticleLive is the ability to integrate SendStudio (our email marketing software) directly into your web site. By doing this, the details of anyone who fills out the newsletter box on your site … Continue reading

How We're Using JQuery in ArticleLive NX 1.8

Introduction   At Interspire we’re always aiming for maximum code re-use between projects. For example, if SendStudio (our email marketing platform) contains a class to import subscribers, we will (and did, this week) take that class and use it in … Continue reading

Optimizing Your Google AdSense Pages

Introduction Running Google AdSense on your article website is a quick and easy way to generate revenue for your writing efforts. We’ve been using Google AdSense on many sites running our article manager, ArticleLive, both for testing and for real … Continue reading

Syndicating Content with RSS and ArticleLive

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (this is widely accepted, although another common term used is Rich Site Summary). It is an XML based standard for syndicating website content. It can be used for any type of frequently updated content, … Continue reading

ArticleLive and Google Adsense

People love free things and as these people learn about the vast resource of endless information that is the internet, they join the millions scouring the web for more and more of the good stuff. As a result, there are … Continue reading

Using PHPAdsNew to Increase Your Web Site Revenue

Introduction PhpAdsNew is one of the most popular pieces of ad serving software on the Internet. If you’re running a content driven web site, you can use PHPAdsNew to server banner ad’s on your site. In this article, I’ll show … Continue reading

How to add a SendStudio Subscription Form to an ArticleLive Site

Adding your SendStudio subscriber form to ArticleLive is an extremely simple process that’ll help you start collecting subscribers in no time. Lets dive straight in… Step 1. Create your confirmation  page in ArticleLive The first thing we need to do … Continue reading

Add Dynamic RSS Content to your ArticleLive web site

Introduction There has been significant talk of RSS in recent months and this is especially apparent in the manner of how both big and small companies alike have focused much of their development efforts around it. With quite a bit … Continue reading