View Full Version : A few different customization help needed

09-15-2009, 01:25 AM
I have just changed my design to the toy store one. website: www.myfavouriteshoes.com.au

Could someone please tell me where I:

- Change the font size on the left Category list - ie pump etc
- Change the RSS feed to include images
- Remove 'Not rated' from the category pages of icons. under each product.
as I don't want anyone to rate them.
- How to I include the Change Currency box on the front page, not just the product pages.
- How to I change the shop by price prices, ie i don't want it 0-60 then 60-78,
I would most likely want it 0-50, 50-100 etc.
- Change the font Colour for when you click into a category, the Category heading is currently in green.
- How do I include a featured product show on the front page?
- How do I change the words - "choose options" which is below the product images in the category list, I want people to know to click on them to see more info and buy.
- I want to move the product description up higher than
- In my products, I want the customer to be able to pick a size in a drop down menu, not a dot point menu.

If you can answer any of these questions it would be much appreciated.