View Full Version : How to upgrade from 'Free Shipping'

10-05-2009, 07:55 PM
Some of our products have been checked for 'Free Shipping' in the product's Shipping Details section. Interestingly, once Free Shipping is selected, the customer has no option to upgrade to another method.

In our case, the Free Shipping pertains to UPS Ground service. The customer wanted it faster so needed to call us to inquire as to available services & prices.

I'd like to offer free shipping for Ground but allow the customer to select a faster service at an increased price. Is there a way to accommodate this?

10-15-2009, 08:32 PM
Maybe you can add an extra shipment option to your checkout page. I have the same sort of problem. I have set up 'free shipping' for order total. If a customer reachs $450 the shipment is free of charges. When the customer checks out he has to choose between 'DHL (€9,50)' and 'DHL (Free)'. Standard I only have DHL (9.50) but DHL (free) shows up in the checkout page when the customer reaches the target total. This can't be turned off according to the ISC helpdesk. Only in future versions. So if a customer buys a product with free shipping in your store ISC automaticaly generates the free shipping option, but when you have another shipping option like ground express the customer has an option.

Maybe you can do something with this info.