View Full Version : Need simple dedicated login on home page

01-08-2010, 01:28 PM
I need assistance please with web layout/design of our home page.

I need our home page to show a login screen with no additional panels except the – Recent News - where I have posted instructions to request a customer account, as our website is for current customers only.

My goal is to create a dedicated login page that directs customers to a customized home page. Ideally, I need the customer home page to show a welcome banner ~Welcome to ____online catalog for {insert customer brand here} ~ for each customer account. Many of our customers are national chain accounts with many different brands; there is a high level of confidentiality required.

All apologies, I realize that I posted two issues in this thread. I have posted in other forums and am seeking a speedy resolution to these issues, as we cannot accept orders on our website until they are resolved.

I should note that I am very weak in writing HTML code. I completed Dreamweaver classes in college back in 2005…most of what I learned is obsolete now…any suggestions or advice would be sincerely appreciated.
Thanks ever so much!