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Old 11-25-2009, 05:14 AM
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Default IEM 6.0.0 Final Released

Hi all. I am happy to announce the final release of IEM 6.0.0. This is a "soft release" as the website is undergoing some updates and final touches and should be up in a couple of weeks.

We have addressed most - if not all - issues that were reported during from the Beta release including other issues which we encountered along the way.

The bugs that were fixed since the last release are:
- Content wasn't being properly encoded. Added a call to htmlentities() so that the content being pulled out of the database is properly encoded for a textarea (thus being correctly displayed in TinyMCE).
- Fixes an issue where the Split Test Cron settings weren't appearing to save.
- Remove old TinyMCE and replace with a jQuery build of TinyMCE (faster, smaller, etc.)
- Add check for gd library when displaying the CAPTCHA option in website forms. If GD is present, the use of a CAPTRCHA is available, if not, then CAPTCHA's are disabled.
- Add ability to specify an admin username during the installation process both in the installer and XML API installer.
- Fix issues relating to user permission checking that was causing the admin user to not be saved. Also implemented a check to see if the user that is being edited is able to have their user group changed.
- Adding security check to see if addon is enabled or not.
- Fix issue with Checkbox Custom Field not being replaced correctly.
- Fixed the custom field issue for triggers.
- Fix issues related to user credit not being calculated/refunded correctly if a campaign is cancelled/deleted before sending.
- Fix display issues with system logger addon configure settings page.
- Fixed the issue with date input wasn't saved to database.
- Update whitelabel to autodetect the version number in the footer copyright.
- Update email templates with credits and new images.
- Fix bug where email stats would be recorded before the campaign was actually sent.
- Fixed the issue where custom fields wouldn't be replaced when sending auto-responders.

Core Features Added:
- User Groups

Addons Added:
- Dynamic Content
- Surveys
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