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Old 03-25-2009, 05:16 AM
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Default IEM 5.5.9 Release

IEM 5.5.9 maintenance release has just been released. You will need to run a database upgrade wizard when you login for the first time after you've upgraded (they are only minor changes).

The followings are issues that this release addressed:
  • Event log description for autoresponder was incorrectly logged with "Sent an Email Campaign" as the event subject.
  • Fixed invalid links generated by Splittests when there were no custom fields added into the campaign and sending to more than 500 contacts.
  • Fixed various warnings notices that were generated by PHP.
  • Fix an issue with new installations that didn't have "login" tables defined (added security measure).
  • Fix multiple logins with the same username leading to inconsistencies when creating contact lists or templates.
  • Fix problems with the WYSIWYG editor not being able to upload images on Microsoft Windows and IIS servers.
  • Fix timezone being detected incorrectly after a DST change in some cases.
  • Fix an issue where the "Incomplete Send" flag always displayed for newsletters that were sent as a Splittest.
  • Increase the XHTML compatibility of generated forms.
  • JavaScript generated for subscription form contained a JavaScript error.
  • Limit the number of email previews that can be sent at once.
  • Missing language variables will no longer terminate the application.
  • Remove superfluous question mark from the link tracking option when sending a campaign.
  • Statistics for "Last Month" was not returning the correct result.
  • Triggeremails CRON "Daily Process" wasn't working for PostgreSQL in some cases.
  • When using manual sending, credits weren't refunded if the user cancelled at the last step.
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