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Old 04-20-2009, 11:57 PM
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Default IEM 5.5.11 Release

This maintenance release will mainly fix problems with performance degradation caused by large amount of multiple "access" records being inserted into the database for users.

We have also identified a problem with MySQL servers where some customers' connections to their database are using the 'latin1' character set by default. As a result, data fails to be stored as UTF-8. Rather, it is stored as garbled characters in the database that can be interpreted correctly when queried using a 'latin1' connection. Using a 'latin1' (also known as 'ISO-8859-1') character set has a number of drawbacks and should be avoided.

At present we do not have a solution for detecting corrupted data automatically (which is why we are unable to create an automatic upgrade for it).

If you find you have problems with garbled contents when using special/non-standard characters, there will be a script and instruction in the customer-to-customer forum that will allow you to fix this issue:

NOTE: This release will require you to run the upgrade wizard, so please allow some down time.

************************************************** *****
* Changelog for Interspire Email Marketer 5.5.11 *
************************************************** *****
20th April, 2009

Bugs Fixed
Fix clients using IPv6 being unable to login.
Fix display of checkbox data for unsubscribe emails sent to list owners.
Fix performance degredation caused by multiple entries in the user_access table.
Fix pop-up window header used when adding folders to be language-packed.
Fix using wildcards to match the start or end of an email address in a segment rule.
Fixed incorrect splittest scheduling.
Fixed permission issue where user was not able to view/edit/delete their own contacts in some cases.
Fixed the undefined variables on contact list statistics.
Fixed MySQL connection character set for new installs (see note above).
PostgreSQL users were not able to specify their own custom port.
Upgrading from SendStudio 2004 was failing on one of the upgrades.
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