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Old 04-28-2009, 06:41 AM
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Default IEM 5.6.0 Release

A new update for Interspire Email Marketer has just been released (v5.6).

It's a free update for existing customers. An overview is shown below or you can see the blog post for more detail:

This release primarily adds:
  • a new WYSIWYG editor,
  • 32 new email templates that match Interspire Shopping Cart's templates,
  • a new dashboard,
  • a new manual bounce processing wizard,
and much more (see below).

Upgrading to this release is recommend for everyone running IEM. The latest version can be obtained from your Client Area:

Changelog for Interspire Email Marketer 5.6.0
28th April, 2009

The template directory has been moved to admin/com/templates. The older template location (admin/includes/templates) will not be used any more.

Features Added
The WYSIWYG editor has been replaced with TinyMCE (
A new "image manager" to easily manage (edit/delete) and upload multiple images.
Redesign of manual bounce processing wizard.
A new dashboard with useful metrics and links.
Autoresponders and Trigger emails can now optionally deduct credits.
Ability to delete users along with all their associated data easily when you delete their account. (Can also be used by XML API.)
Unsubscribing contacts now need to confirm the unsubscription after clicking an unsubscribe link.
Better user management (added more useful information in various places).
A link on the manage user page to allow you to login as the user.
A "Database Diagnostic" tool that will run an integrity test on your database (indexes, tables, columns) for troubleshooting.
Ability to force a spam check on an email before it is saved.
Ability to force double opt-in when creating a website form.

Bugs Fixed
Fix changing paging settings for Forwards stats.
Fixed RSS feed "pubdate" element to follow RFC822 standard (as per RSS specifications).
Google Analytics wasn't able to track campaign names.
Google Analytics wasn't saving "utm_source" variable correctly.
The 'Number' custom field was not verifying negative values.

Files Changed
Due to the extensive changes to the application, almost all files have been modified in some way.
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