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Old 07-16-2009, 08:09 AM
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Default IEM 5.7.0 Release

A new minor release of IEM is out. It contains a few bugfixes and a couple of new features that made whitelabeling easier. The latest version can be obtained from your Client Area:

This update is free for customers who still have a valid support period.

NOTICE: Please check changelog.txt for more information and instructions.

Changelog for Interspire Email Marketer 5.7.0
16th July, 2009

Features Added
  • Ability to notify administrator when certain number of contacts are being imported into the application.
  • Ability to notify administrator when certain number of emails are being sent.
  • Whitelabel options can be set from within the application.
  • Various improvement to usability.

Bugs Fixed
  • Update WYSIWYG editor to use the latest TinyMCE (version 3.2.5)
  • Fix an issue with WYSIWYG editor where body background color was discarded when editing email contents.
  • Fix an issue with WYSIWYG editor where invalid HTML was inserted when editing email contents.
  • Fix a display bug in the WYSIWYG editor's "insert link" page (Applicable only in Micrososoft Internet Explorer).
  • Images that was uploaded VIA the application was not accessible in some server configuration.
  • Was not able to upload images in certain server environment.
  • Graphs were loading slowly in some server configuration.
  • Upgrading from a very old version failed when you have numerous autoresponders.
  • Trigger weren't resetting contacts's confirm/subscribe date when it was added into a new list.
  • Custom Fields containing Dollar sign ($) had a slash added in.

Files changed
Please update ALL files

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