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Old 03-21-2010, 11:25 PM
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Default Maintenance Version 5.1.8 Released

Today we released Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.8.

This release improves stability with a number of fixes for bugs and a few minor features.

This version is now available from the Interspire Client Area for those with a valid maintenance contract.

If you're experiencing problems upgrading to, or after upgrading to Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.8 please submit a support ticket from the Interspire Client Area.

Change log for this version:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Changelog for Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.8
# Released 22nd March 2010
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: No upgrade wizard will be displayed for this release, please check the version number displayed in your control panel to confirm your new version

Bug #4145: Automatically generated summaries can be displayed with invalid HTML, or with "?" characters when non-English lettering is involved
Bug #4614: If a cached list output contains a content item with a start / expiry date, that item will not show / hide until the cache has expired
Bug #4943: Styleguide processor outputs some tags as invalid XHTML (regression)
Bug #5691: License keys generated for non-standard port numbers do not validate
Bug #5825: When GZIP support is not available, the WYSIWYG editors do not load
Bug #5857: Hspace and vspace does not work when defined on images via WYSIWYG. This fix affects new content. To fix this in existing content, customers must re-insert the affected image.
Bug #5930: Error messages when performing control panel actions are not visible if the page is long and the browser is scrolled down
Bug #5954: Module buttons (at least form and calendar) are not appearing in TinyMCE in the Custom Content Block on the layout page.
Bug #6033: Category caches are not cleared when editing a content item in the category
Bug #6047: The cross to close an event window doesn't work in IE8
Bug #6081: Website Publisher 4 importer will not find old website config if you leave a trailing slash off the old website address
Bug #6144: Users without Approve permission for a content items can still set items to 'Approved', and can edit approved items
Bug #6146: When a gallery is deleted, the folder for it remains
Bug #6147: Control panel user group page navigation does not work
Bug #6148: The Manage Attachments permission has no effect
Bug #6155: Small search box is too tall for background image on Spa template
Bug #6156: Tools and settings menus do not appear for users with edit access to only specific settings
Bug #6161: When uploading an image as an image block fails, no error message is returned
Bug #6163: Podcasts don't work in iTunes
Bug #6165: It's possible to upload script files (such as .php) to Podcasts
Bug #6166: Saving a list can result in no success message, or a mysql error such as 'Unable to save result set'
Bug #6172: File extension checking for Header Images was case-sensitive, preventing ".JPG" files from being uploaded, for example
Feature #6173: Change Header Image upload to use newer Interspire_UploadHandler library for improved error messages
Feature #6174: Change Podcast upload to use newer Interspire_UploadHandler library for improved error messages
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