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Old 12-06-2010, 07:47 PM
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Default Bounce Statistics - Any Help Appreciated

Hi I would like to throw this thread open again on a previous post referencing Bounce Statistics issues.

We are still having issues with receiving Bounce Statistics for Hard + Soft Bounces.
More monitoring has found that some (not all) Bounce's appear in the Bounce Stats, we sent out a campaign last week (01 Dec) the bounce stats the next day showed only 276 bounces however there were 1082 bounces in our email inbox 2 days later that figure rose to 586 bounces 4 days later that figure rose to 1,708.
A second campaign sent out 24 hours later (02 Dec) has produced no Hard or Soft Bounce statistics however our email inbox has received 324 bounced (Hard + Soft bounced emails).

There does not seem to be any consistencies to what the Bounce Statistics show or to why this is happening, ie I received two undelivered emails both with the same message both were hotmail accounts and both came back at the same time one showed up in the Bounce Statistics the other didn't, this isn't just related to hotmail accounts this is any domain across the board.

Has anyone experienced any behaviors like this before and does anyone know if this could be a server related thing. We have the Interspire email marketer sitting on a different server than our email account and are using Google Apps.

Over the past week I have checked + rechecked the Bounce Settings, checked Bounce Rules, read the Bounce Guide a number of times, searched through the Knowledge Base and Documentation pages, trolled through the Forums just looking for anything that is related to what we are experiencing.

Hopefully someone might be able to pick up something I have mentioned in here that is related to the issue we are having.
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Old 02-12-2011, 08:51 AM
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I have not experienced such strange behaviour as of yet , but that doesn't mean your problem isn't real.

What sounds really surprising to me is that you say it changes over 24 hours then again it changes 48 hours laters and again 72 hours later ? That is a realy realy long time , unless you would have your CRON settings set to handle bounces every 24 hours ?

Anyways , I would try to use a bounce emailbox that is not in the cloud (google) but on a dedicated system and see if that resolves your issues.

PS : You say in your other post that the bounces are handled by another process and the forwarded to your bounce box ?
Does that mean they all have the same sender address ?

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