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Old 11-28-2011, 05:08 PM
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Question Dropdown menus won't work with ipad, iphone, ipod

I have a number of websites I have built using IWP, and while they do fit nicely into an ipod, iphone and ipad screen, the dropdown menus don't "stick" or stay on the screen long enough for someone to select from the list.

I'm thinking a quick fix may be to make the drop-down menu "sticky", that is, when the navigation buttons are selected which have a drop down list, the list would appear, but stay until the user clicked on another navigation button.

I know the number of mobile device users is low, but clients panic when they test their sites on their own devices.

I know my way around several of the Website Publisher style sheets, and I have been looking for some css code tips to help remedy this via Google searches, but have not found anything yet.

I appreciate any help or suggestions.

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