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Old 12-29-2011, 09:25 PM
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Default mysql search algorithm revelance "fix"

We had a problem where search results were sorted by nothing more than last update date.

Using boolean - fulltext search I was able to make the following changes to get it working as I think it was intended.
inside the questFullTextSearch function:

comment this out (line ~58)
$orderBy = ' q.questionid ';

update this (line ~87)
$orderBy = ' score DESC , '. $orderBy;
$orderBy = ' score DESC ';

uncomment and change this line (line ~409)
//$query .= "\n ORDER BY $orderBy DESC ";
$query .= "\n ORDER BY $orderBy ";

comment out this line (line ~410)
$query .= "\n ORDER BY lastupdated DESC ";

That should get your search working a lot better. Without these changes it really doesn't work at all with mysql.

I went a step further and added a preference that articles with search words in the title were given preference in sort order. I can post those steps too if anyone is interested.

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