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Old 03-13-2012, 09:00 PM
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Default 20 + custom mods to ISC

1. One page checkout (downloadable products/ membership and subscription)
Any situation where there’s no product which needs to be shipped – non tangible products. Custom forms for check out which require specific information…ie: image upload, logo submission, in additional yoga classes/fee, gym memberships, rental products, resort rentals, rental/booking sites collection, golf booking and dues. This can also be very useful for leader sites, SEO sites, and small applications where you are selling one product and want the checkout to be done easily and quickly on one single page.

2. Mass capture (pre-authorized payments)
Mass capture all of your pre-authorized amounts in one foul swoop! For those that use pre-authorized payments, you know the usefulness of this modification.

3. Multiple gateway instances one cart
If you wish to take in multiple currencies but do not want to use a different merchant, you will need to modify the cart to allow for multiple instances of the same merchant. This way you can collect USD, or CDN or AUS and have no exchange fees. It is also useful if you have affiliates or suppliers that you want to have as vendors to your site and they have their own merchants, as there may be a conflict depending on how many vendors you might have.

4. Payment processing leader pages
Pick your payment options prior to getting into the checkout process. This allows you to be able to offer special discounts and direct customers appropriately before checking out. It is also useful for presenting a lot of payment methods to your customer in a nice fashion and before they are on the final checkout step.

5. Product specific gateway selection
Product can be attached to different payment gateways. Depending on circumstances you may want specific products to have a specific merchant or gateway to be used for it. (maybe you have one merchant for many low dollar value transactions and another for high dollar)

6. Product specific shipping
Different shipping for different country’s…or different vendors.

7. Product bundles (assigned cost or non)

select multiple products –add up and check out….ie: custom build gift baskets, wedding stationary kits, custom bulk…

8. Buy 2 get a free product (category specific) – custom rules.
We have written custom rules to do a couple different scenarios, one of which is “Buy 2 and get 1 free – only once” .

9. Bulk purchase discounts category level/ Bulk purchase discounts on products variations.
Interspire does not natively support bulk discounts on products with variations. We have coded our version of this and make it so you can manage these rules in the administration screen.

10. Country specific products
Assign products to a specific country and limit view of user to only products in their selected country. This goes well with the multi currency/merchant checkout modification so that your store can be international and use the same merchant and block out unwanted guests.

11. Points system
Points system to allow customers to use points for discounts in the future or bank and get free products

12. Timed auctions.
Just as it says, and just like groupon-which says it all.

13. Country specific gateways
Ensure that ONLY specific merchants are used for specified countries.

14. Full language conversion
Convert the entire site and backend entry fields to a completely different language and allow for a language chooser from the front end of your site

15. Multi vendors

Have people do the work for you! Have vendors as part of an affiliate program or just use vendors to have their own store within your store. Many options.

16. Affiliate system with split payments (payflow pro)

Automatically pay your affiliates and vendors on the fly. Why do math? Quick and easy solution to getting everyone paid the right amounts and way less administration.

17. Rocketgate stored credit cards
Integrated with a non supported merchant that can provide credit card tokens for stored credit cards.

18. Custom administration area for on-line shoppers (CRM).
Cron jobs, automated emails, lets kick up the sales side a notch and get you doing more with your cart!

19. Multi-step forced cart admin system
Make your cart into a completely customized machine that can do anything you ask it to… then stick all those goodies into the database where it should go! TA DA! You have a custom X step checkout process!

20. Contact extractor.
- Evite center with csv upload
Make E-vites and manage the lists

--- beyond these 20, we have completed the following more recently ----
21. Booking Calendars. Ie: classes, services - with payment.
22. Vacation rental/booking engine
24. Price Club for private pricing . Specific price discounts on specific products.
25. Membership lockout. Private paid member
26. Free coupon code modification – URL coupon injection (affiliate)
27. Affiliate integration with affiliate pro.
28. Dealer network site setup
29. Gateway transaction management. Ie: auto decline, tracking…
30. Loyalty rewards like and recurring membership billing
31. Autoship. Ship monthly and get paid monthly.
32. Rewards group advancement for higher discount levels
33. Click filtering to filter results on the fly

Please e-mail me at ( ray at beapartof dot com )
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