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Old 05-08-2012, 07:01 PM
Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) is offline
Customer Service
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Default End of Life: Bug List

Please list any ISC issues in the end of life thread located here:

I will add them to this list to keep you posted of the status here:
  1. Google Picnik closed - BigCommerce have an alternative, ISC customers - even thou they have valid maintenance contracts dont.
  2. Google Maps API update - ISC needs to be updated to cater for the new API.
  3. Customer reviews getting spammed - BigCommerce has had updates to this, nothing for ISC.
  4. Create an Account Page - has no captcha - So clients get hundreds of fake customer account signups - Fixed in BC months ago.
  5. IE9 compatability issues - Not fixed in ISC, but fixed in BC - causes me many calls a week from confused and upset clients.
  6. PHP5.3 - nusoap component uses ereg - a depriciated component, which while only causing log notifications now, will cause the cart to cease working in a near future version of PHP.
  7. Inventory Control - Allows inventory to go into negative as not enough checks are done during the view cart and proceed to checkout stages - Again, fixed in BC, not in ISC.
  8. IEM Integration Issues - Currently there are two fatal integration issues in ISC code preventing proper integration with IEM unless hacks are done. Its terrible that these have not been fixed in ISC and patches released.
  9. Import customers and Order history -
  10. Secure Trading payment module update required for STPP platform --RESOLVED - SecureTrading has a STPP module for ISC
  11. License key / New Version call backs to license server - Do they exist? What happens after EOL? -- RESOLVED will remain active.
  12. Bug: Australia Post Delivery Rate Calculator - The DRC replies with the freight price for domestic orders in an inclusive tax format and for International orders it replies with an EX Tax price. However the cart is treating the international freight reply as if it is tax inclusive - so the cart takes off 10% tax
  13. Bug: Inventory is not checked during the checkout - resulting in multiple orders for products that are out of stock and negative inventory issues. I believe this bug was fixed in BigCommerce - Its discussed in the BC forum here Help has stopped working - tested in brand new install with unaltered code
  14. Bug: Help has stopped working - tested in brand new install with unaltered code - This domain has an expired SSL cert - it expired 9/5/2012 (or 5/9/12 in US format)
  15. Bug: 6.1.8 has new template versions which seem to have killed the logo creator function. Example: Beauty - This template no longer allows a logo to be built
  16. Bug – The WHOLE of the section under Statistics !! Dates do not coherently match events and so much of the information presented is not of value. By way of example, under Customer Statistics; I apparently have one customer having spent £3,768,30 with me. Nice, but very untrue. The figure is a calculation based on ‘something’ adding information from where ever (am trying to trace) and the total is listed. So this section as it stands, while looking pretty, it has no accounting or accurate information of worth… A shame frankly. It was a good idea, just badly executed.
  17. Bug – The way Store Snapshot (home page) fails to present information correctly. View by Day, week, month and year .. Don’t measure up to real world information. Obviously given the above.!!
  18. Bug - As an order status shifts from (say) Pending to (say) Shipped an email is sent to alert customer... No senders name or origin of email is included. This for all status changes. Customers receive notices from what seems like anonymous senders. Spam to email scanners. Yet in the initial sign up email, it is included !! *** This IS important and does need resolving, since this is a customer interface and means of communication we can ill afford messing up or having messed up !!
  19. Bug - Some of the settings option you can tick or untick (we are familiar) but you can untick or tick one or two and note have no effect on out come. Enable Captcha in one example, from day one has been ticked, but from that day has yet to be seen!!
  20. Royal Mail... The recent rate increases will definitely not be current in 6.1.8
  21. USPS API .. There were complaints about this a year ago... No idea if they were resolved.
  22. PayPoint... Concerns noted by that the self-host module (included with ISC) were not up to date, nor included 3D Secure support. Apparently various official approaches to Interspire have been made to little, if any, effect.
  23. Google Checkout... Been getting reports of this (because folks confuse Google Merchant with Checkout) that it isn't working with 6.1.8... Can't confirm but reported enough that I'd recommend checking into it.
  24. Bug: When i click in settings to allow guests to checkout it doesn't enable it in the template. However it is set to true in the config.php. ("Magnificent (blue) - Version 2.0" and Luggage - Purple)
  25. Applying a copon code to products (rather than categories) seems to generate a php error.
  26. If you try to update a variation (by say adding a colour or style choice and saving), it hangs here in IE9, but not in other browsers. (even with compatability mode ON it hangs here)

For additional questions regarding please refer to our End-of-Life FAQ

Scott Smithwick
Interspire Manager
Toll-Free: 1 800 939 5570
US: 1 512 758 7618

"Web Software Inspired by You"

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