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Old 05-22-2012, 08:13 AM
Raquiles + Raquiles is offline
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Post Very easy... I get the error getting into the Return Settings

Settings->Return Settings
Boom the Notice on top of the section
Notice: Array to string conversion in /homepages/44/d329255630/htdocs/admin/includes/classes/class.settings.php on line 830

here is the function with the problem:

private function ManageReturnsSettings($messages=array())
$GLOBALS['Message'] = GetFlashMessageBoxes();
foreach ($this->all_vars as $var) {
if (is_string(GetConfig($var)) || is_numeric(GetConfig($var))) {
$GLOBALS[$var] = isc_html_escape(GetConfig($var));
} elseif (is_array(GetConfig($var))) { //Below is line 830
$GLOBALS[$var.'Area'] = isc_html_escape(implode("\r\n", GetConfig($var)));
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