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Old 09-14-2012, 04:24 PM
Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) is offline
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Default IEM 6.1.3 Released

Version: 6.1.3
Released: 19th July, 2012

- Merged all changes from the 6.1.2 patch
- Added a check for DOM library existence in system settings (required for surveys)
- Statistics Pages will correctly remember the "Results per page:" setting.
- Advanced user settings will now save when creating user account
- Resolved a bug where images uploaded through the Image manager were inaccessible to existing campaigns
- Resolved several "undefined offset" or "undefined index" notices
- Resolved several incorrect "Permission Denied" errors
- Resolved a bug where contacts added through the XML API would not get autoresponders unless the "add_to_autoresponder" parameter was passed
- Resolved several timezone issues, including the
- Resolved a bug where user images were being copied to new campagins
- Fixed a bug where a contacts date field would be displayed in the wrong order (e.g. d/m/y instead of m/d/y)
- Resolved an issue where the default dynamic content tag was always included
- Fixed an issue where triggers do not send emails / add to list correctly
- Fixed an issue where the manage trigger page does not display "When" time correctly
- Resolved several foreign character display issues
- Fixed a missing 'AND' modifier in subscriber API 'IsUnSubscriber' method
- Fixed a bug where the image manager generated a DOM Exception error in Internet Explorer
- Fixed a bug that was causing multiple start/stop notifications for campaigns
- Fixed a bug where segments do not work properly when using "OR" modifier
- Resolved an issue with the application settings randomly losing values

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