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Old 08-28-2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by orish View Post
And waiting until the final checkout point to inform customers that the support renewal fee is $250 per annum (actually, you're saying it's 50% of the total purchase price of the licenses, which is even more of a rip-off) is just adding insult to injury. I can see why you keep this information hidden until the very last moment.
You have luck. They are charging only US$ 250,00 for support renewal? Seems you have only 1 user on your license.

Because they charge for every user on my license. I have a 51 users license, and they want charge-me US$747.50 per year. More users on your license = more cost to renewal support and updates.

And they dont offer support to my users, only for me! So where is the logic to charge more using the number of users on a license? It's only 1 script installed.

This is a stupid model price, because is more cheap I buy a single user license every year, and have access to support and updates.

For while I will not renew, because since 6.1.3 version, they not update the software anymore.

This is very expensive software, and the support take 2 or 3 days (even more) to reply each ticket.

So if someone want purchase multiple users license, take care - when renew they will charge you for every user on your license.

As soon this software need a update to continue work I will abandon this and switch to a competitor (yes, have good options on the market now - I will not post here because maybe is against the rules of this forum)

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