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Old 06-03-2015, 08:12 AM
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Lightbulb Save CC data with securely

I have created a new module which allows you to utilize's token system to allow customers to store CC data securely. All that is saved is a token which means you don't store actually CC data on your server. So no need for that pesky and expensive PCI compliance. On checkout a customer can check a box that indicates they would like to save their Credit Card for future purchases and assign a description or name to the card. This mod comes with a back-end add-on for viewing and managing the saved Credit Cards as well as a front-end mod for the front-end that allows the customer to use the My Account section to add / delete credit card profiles they have saved.

The mod is also very useful if your in the market for a one click checkout like Amazon. It can easily be adapted for a instantaneous checkout provided the customer has a saved shipping address.

For any questions or comments please email me at or Skype me at Dustin013.
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