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Old 06-03-2015, 09:32 AM
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Lightbulb Completely updated front-end Jquery + add-ons and responsive mobile theme

After a few weeks of hard work we are proud to announce we have updated ISC 6.1.8+ with the latest version of jQuery and all of the add-ons jQuery uses. No more dealing with age old compatibility issues. We have rebuilt much of the front-end using Twitter Bootstrap and have an amazing mobile template to boot, which of course meets all the requirements that Google is now requiring for a mobile friendly site. So if you are interested in seeing a demo for yourself and seeing what amazing things you can do with the latest version of jQuery and its add-ons simply shoot me an email @ or Skype @ Dustin013. I would be happy to show you how our hard work has paid off. We have meticulously recoded the front-end so that all of the native features work flawlessly and you are able to utilize the newest tools for front-end UI development with ease. The template system is very familiar to what you are used to working with and we supply a demo template that is completely customized across the board providing you with an in depth platform to redesign your site. Or, simply make small modifications and color changes to the template and use it as it was built. We here at Think Genius and our new venture Modirific dot com love ISC with a passion and are here to preserve it and keep it a viable e-commerce solution for years to come. Magento may take up 47+% of the market share but its a beastly application with a steep learning curve to store owners and developers alike. We have grown to love ISC and that won't change. Every time a feature is add-on to Big Commerce we built it into the hosted version of ISC. With over 220 add-ons and over 300 mods at our disposal there is nothing, and I do mean nothing we cannot create to satisfy your e-commerce needs.
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