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Old 07-29-2009, 07:47 AM
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Default IEM 5.7.1 Release

A maintenance version of IEM has just been released. It contains minor fixes in the code. No database update is performed, so you should have virtually no downtime upgrading from 5.7.0 to 5.7.1

The latest version can be obtained from your Client Area:

This update is free for customers who still have a valid support period.

NOTICE: Please check changelog.txt for more information and instructions.

Changelog for Interspire Email Marketer 5.7.1
29th July, 2009

Features Added
  • Add "quick search" function in manage user page.

Bugs Fixed
  • Application now check for required custom field is available before it allows you to proceed with the import.
  • HTML characterset was not being defined causing garbled characters in some cases.
  • Fixed chart "legend" that was overlaping with a label for one of the regions in the front page pie chart.
  • Fixed an issue where the application is reporting incorrect number of subscribers in a list when merging lists.
  • Fixed an issue where the application will not allow you to upload import files in some server configuration.
  • Custom fields with non-English characters were not being replaced when it is used in a newsletter.
  • Some style of HTML coding cannot be aligned using the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Unprivelaged user was shown the option to make a template global (Problem with User Interface).
  • Upgrading from SendStudio 2004 may see the statistics gone in some cases.
  • Move a couple of language variables used in "Segment" into language packs.
  • Fixed various notices and warnings that often shown in error log.

Files changed
  • admin/com/init-legacy.php
  • admin/com/init.php
  • admin/com/language/default/language.php
  • admin/com/language/default/segment.php
  • admin/com/language/default/subscribers.php
  • admin/com/language/default/users.php
  • admin/com/lib/IEM.class.php
  • admin/com/lib/IEM/InterspireTemplate.class.php
  • admin/com/templates/editor.tpl
  • admin/com/templates/segment_form.tpl
  • admin/com/templates/user_form.tpl
  • admin/com/templates/users.tpl
  • admin/functions/api/lists.php
  • admin/functions/api/settings.php
  • admin/functions/api/ss_email.php
  • admin/functions/api/upgrade.php
  • admin/functions/api/user.php
  • admin/functions/index.php
  • admin/functions/process.php
  • admin/functions/sendstudio_functions.php
  • admin/functions/subscribers_import.php
  • admin/functions/templates.php
  • admin/functions/upgrade.php
  • admin/functions/upgradenx.php
  • admin/functions/users.php
  • admin/includes/js/javascript.js
  • changelog.txt
  • upgrade.txt
  • version.txt
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iem 5.7.1 release

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