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Old 10-20-2008, 02:47 AM
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Post IEM 5.0.10 Maintenance release

A new maintenance version of IEM has been released. The updates contains a minor "database upgrade" (adding new tables and columns) which shouldn't cause any issues with any size of database, however a database backup should still be performed.

Bugs Fixed
Added more bounce rules.
Fix a warning when viewing autoresponder stats.
Fix an issue where in some cases users were not able to edit/delete/view contacts that were obtained from a segment.
Fix cases where the jobs and jobs_lists tables aren't being properly cleaned up when a CRON terminates unexpectedly.
Fix check for spam keywords feature not working on autoresponders.
Fix monthly and last30days date ranges for charts not matching user timezone.
Fix potential caching problem with statistics charts.
Fix statistics charts and tables not loading when accessing the application through HTTPS.
Implement a security measure to detect "brute force" login attempts.
Imporve RFC bounce processing to decrease the time it takes to match RFC bounce messages.
In some cases, contacts/subscribers was returning an empty page (besides header/footer).
Increase password storage strength.
Increase the size of the message body being parsed in by the bounce processor.
The heading in the Help window can now be white-labelled.
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