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Old 07-25-2009, 01:18 PM
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Default translation error

i translated the front end of the knowledge manager

but when i replace the file /includes/language/en/front_language.ini
with my adjusted version i get this error:

Warning: Error parsing /www/ on line 111 in /www/ on line 46

line 111 in front_language.ini:
questMessage = "Hallo {{ToName}},{NL}Ik heb een artikel met antwoord gevonden in %s dat je misschien wel interesseerd.{NL}{NL}De link is: %s"

line 111 in original english front_language.ini:
questMessage = "Hi {{ToName}},{NL}I found an article and answer in %s that I thought would be of interest to you.{NL}{NL}The link is: %s"

anyone know where i made a mistake translating?

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