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Old 05-05-2009, 07:16 AM
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Default IEM 5.6.2 Release

A new maintenance release of IEM is out. This release primarily fixes:
  • the email credits system not working in some cases, and
  • the inability to make changes to Thank You and Confirm pages for forms.

There are no database upgrades for this release.

Upgrading to this release is recommend for everyone running IEM 5.6. The latest version can be obtained from your Client Area:

Changelog for Interspire Email Marketer 5.6.2
5th May, 2009

Bugs Fixed
Catch more 'login failed' error messages for bounce processing.
Fix multiple occurrences of the editor on the same page causing problems.
Flash graphs do not reappear when clicking the same menu tab a second time.
The logic that checks user credit for sending was not working properly.

Files Changed
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