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Old 06-30-2009, 03:40 AM
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Default Maintenance Version 5.0.10 Released

Today we released Interspire Website Publisher 5.0.10.

This release improves stability with a number of fixes for bugs that were present in 5.0.9.

This version is now available from the Interspire Client Area for those with a valid maintenance contract.

If you're experiencing problems upgrading to, or after upgrading to Interspire Website Publisher 5.0.10 please submit a support ticket from the Interspire Client Area.

Change log for this version:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Changelog for Interspire Website Publisher 5.0.10
# Released 30th June 2009
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Bug #4985: Image Block upload fails with 'http://' in Link URL on some sites
* Bug #5304: Content list under author linking titles to category
* Bug #5458: Expired content still visible on website
* Bug #5473: Finance template menu falls underneath another element on the page
* Bug #5481: Unknown column 'accessurl' in 'field list' errors from content-related queries
* Bug #5482: [Invalid Language Variable: ModuleNameSingular] When viewing individual content types in the 'View Content' section of the control panel
* Bug #5484: Submenu not retaining :hover state when hovered over from parent menu in IE 7/8.
* Bug #5485: IE doesn't send the 'limitnumber' field when it is hidden, so causes an error when saving a custom list of links

Other Fixes:

* The content.accessurl database column was removed in the 5.0.9 upgrade scripts but still present in the install schema.

Changed Files: (Please upload ALL files when upgrading)


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