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Old 11-27-2009, 11:26 AM
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Default Paypal Express Switch / Maestro Error - HELP!

Hi, my shopping cart is generating an error when I try to use Switch or Maestro. I'm using Paypal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition), and the problem seems to be to do with the format of the card start date (only required with Switch / Maestro).

I've contacted Interspire, who came back to me and said that the problem was:
Message: Field format error: CARDSTART must be 4 characters long.

They have not, however given me a solution!

I looked at the site and came across the code below - which seems to suggest that the value is 4 characters long - so I don't know what to do!

Does anyone know how to work around this?


<select id="creditcard_issuedatem" name="creditcard_issuedatem">
<option value=""/>
<option value="01">Jan</option>
<option value="02">Feb</option>
<option value="03">Mar</option>
<option value="04">Apr</option>
<option value="05">May</option>
<option value="06">Jun</option>
<option value="07">Jul</option>
<option value="08">Aug</option>
<option value="09">Sep</option>
<option value="10">Oct</option>
<option value="11">Nov</option>
<option value="12">Dec</option>
<select id="creditcard_issuedatey" name="creditcard_issuedatey">
<option value=""/>
<option value="09">2009</option>
<option value="08">2008</option>
<option value="07">2007</option>
<option value="06">2006</option>
<option value="05">2005</option>
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Old 11-27-2009, 11:50 AM
Futra + Futra is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2009
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Further to this I've found the following code in - 'module.paypalpaymentsprouk.php' might be part of the problem?

protected function _ConstructPostData($postData, $orders)

$ccname = $postData['name'];
$ccTypeName = $postData['cctype'];
$ccnum = $postData['ccno'];
$ccexpm = str_pad($postData['ccexpm'], 2, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);
$ccexpy = $postData['ccexpy'];
$ccexp = sprintf("%s%s", $ccexpm, $ccexpy);
$cccvd = $postData['cccvd'];
$ccissuenumber =$postData['ccissueno'];

$ccissuem = $postData['ccissuedatem'];
$ccissuey = substr($postData['ccissuedatey'], 2,4);
$ccissuedate = sprintf("%s%s", $ccissuem, $ccissuey);

$cardTypes = array(
'visa' => '0',
'mc' => '1',
'other' => '8',
'switch' => '9',
'solo' => 'S'
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