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Old 12-03-2009, 05:35 PM
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Default enable ars across domains

Does anyone know if there is a way to enable the ARS link described in the customization guide to function if the knowledge base is in a DMZ? We will be placing the knowledge base server in a DMZ for customer access, but would like to be able to add the code required to our SharePoint site so that internal personnel can search the knowledge base from SharePoint. The ability to add code and search from another web page is great, but unless the knowledge base is "internal only" it doesn't do much good.

If the knowledge base is being shared publically it has to be in a DMZ. I know the issue pertains to the browser's security settings, but was hopeful that someone may have found a work around for this.

Excerpt from guide below:

Interspire Knowledge Manager has a built-in contact system that your knowledgebase visitors can use to send questions/comments. This can optionally be disabled from the control panel by unchecking the "Enable Contact Page" option.

Also, you can choose how to receive your visitors questions/comments: via email, or via email and having them saved as pending questions in your Interspire Knowledge Manager control panel. If you are not familiar with the Active Response System, please click here.

The power of Interspire Knowledge Manager's Active Response System lies in the ability to add it to any page on your web site. Follow the steps below to add Interspire Knowledge Manager's Active Response System to any page on your web site. For our example, we will create a simple form with a text box.

Create a new web page. Let's call it ars_test.html

In the section of the page, add these lines:

Example3.1.Example code required in head of file to enable ARS

Replace [PATH_TO_KB] with the complete path to the directory where you have Interspire Knowledge Manager installed, such as Knowledge Manager -- Do not include any trailing slashes.


Your form and Interspire Knowledge Manager MUST be the same domain otherwise the ARS system won't work because of the browsers security settings.

Next, we'll create a text box. When you type anything into this text box, Interspire Knowledge Manager's Active Response System will use JavaScript and client-side XML to retrieve a list of questions in your knowledgebase that match what is typed. Add this text box to your page:

Example3.2.Example code required to enable ARS in a text box

Old 02-02-2011, 04:20 PM
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This can be easily worked around using a Proxy. As an example in the apache web server you would add a line similar to this in your "" virtualhost:

## Pass to knowledgebase
ProxyPass /kb/

What this does is pass any link like thru to your knowledgebase transparently. This way it fools your javascript into believing the ARS is coming from your domain and not offsite.

So your akbPath =
You script location =

and your style sheet locations is similar to or wherever it located:

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