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Old 02-03-2010, 11:26 PM
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Default Maintenance Version 5.1.7 Released

Today we released Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.7.

This release improves stability with a number of fixes for bugs.

This version is now available from the Interspire Client Area for those with a valid maintenance contract.

If you're experiencing problems upgrading to, or after upgrading to Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.7 please submit a support ticket from the Interspire Client Area.

Change log for this version:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Changelog for Interspire Website Publisher 5.1.7
# Released 4th February 2010
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IMPORTANT: The minimum PHP version requirement for Website Publisher has been increased to 5.1.4 due a bug in PHP 5.1.3 that affects corrupted form posts and file uploads

Bug #5206: File check runs for too long when many extra files are present
Bug #6078: When using a 'parentid' filter on a categories list, the sort order wouldn't work
Bug #6080: Feedback form file input field validating file extensions even if no input is entered.
Bug #6084: Feedback form not including response values in email on some sever configurations.
Bug #6085: Feedback form response email links not working.
Bug #6089: When viewing an author's profile page, some content items will link to other pages such as categories
Bug #6090: Forms not validating properly when an admin-only field is present in the form.
Bug #6091: Author names appear in lists even is the content type doesn't contain that field
Bug #6092: Links to uploaded files not being raw url encoded.
Bug #6093: The PHP block is not encoded when displayed, so a  tag would cause the text area to close prematurely
Bug #6097: Unable to scroll list of categories in the URL browser in IE 7 on 1024x768
Bug #6101: Embedded videos from the YouTube module appear in front of positioned elements
Bug #6103: Helptip for content type's icon is incorrect
Bug #6104: Language variables for form javascript errors not being properly set.
Bug #6105: Inserting a link to an image from the URL browser via TinyMCE link dialog does not work
Bug #6106: Photography template is missing styles for unordered lists in content
Bug #6109: Gallery preview blocks do not display
Bug #6112: Using an author's profile picture as the anchor image was not working
Bug #6115: Small images are being resized up when uploaded to the gallery
Bug #6117: Master sorting cache isn't updated when visibility on a content item is changed.
Bug #6118: Elements in the quick search box in the Architecture template are not properly aligned
Bug #6122: The cache of the list of content in a category is not cleared when a content item's categories are changed
Bug #6123: Anchor Images not remembering the 'use user's picture' option
Bug #6124: The 'tplcond-hideif-1column' class would not work inside of the viewContent block of the styleguide
Bug #6125: TinyMCE is stripping out form elements / attributes
Bug #6129: Lists based on content items may be sorted incorrectly if the list does not include any root-level content items
Bug #6130: IE 8 hover issues with the Company template
Bug #6131: Uploading JPG images with .gif extensions results in galleries becoming uneditable
Bug #6136: Dollar signs don't get displayed on field labels.

Other Fixes:

* Increasing minimum PHP version requirement from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4 due to PHP bug #37276
* Fix undefined notice due to uninitialized array that is used for regenerating the list sort cache.
* Fixing widths on templates for 2 column display, previously the columns would not be beside each other.
* Increasing the quality of JPEG images when they're resized (PHP defaults to 75)
* If an image being uploaded is already the correct size for an album picture, lets just use the original instead of resizing it.
* Fixing issue where the built-in pages wouldn't load their proper values into the editor boxes on the settings page. i.e. they would load their values from the config file instead of the language files. The config variables should never be saved either. Fixed #6119

Changed Files: (It is recommended to upload ALL files when upgrading)

Gwilym Evans
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Interspire Pty. Ltd.
Phone (AUS): +612 9262-7770

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