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Old 09-30-2011, 02:32 PM
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Default IEM 6.1.1 Released

The latest version can be obtained from your Client Area:

This update is free for customers who still have a valid support period.

Version: 6.1.1
Released: 30 Sept, 2011

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed an issue that prevented the system from creating or editing templates.
- Fixed unknown column id error from NotifyOwner() caused by invalid SQL syntax.
- Fixed a bug that caused an undefined offset error when a confirmation email is sent.
- Fixed a javascript error that occurs when adding another value to pick list custom fields.
- Fixed a bug that prevented link tracking from turning off.
- Fixed JavaScript error from Insert buttons in Autoresponders.
- Fixed an issue that caused date fields to be formatted as dd/mm/yy automatically.
- Fixed a bug with adding values to checkbox custom fields when they have over 60 keys.
- Removed option to use Flash Uploader in Image Manager, opting to use non-Flash uploader in all cases.
- Fixed bounce processing redirect, so that non-Admin users are not sent to an admin page, resulting in permission denied errors.
- Re-factored the addsubscribertolist XML call to also add subscribers to autoresponders.
- Fixed a bug that caused low credit reminder emails to halt scheduled sends.
- Fixes for usergroup and user permission system.
- Fixed a bug that caused user group credits to calculate incorrectly and pause scheduled sends.
- Fixed a bug that caused the send-to-friend links to generate incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where the bounce processing wizard freezes the browser. Also fixed an issue where it redirects to admin settings page if you choose automatic.
- Removed an optimize table query that caused the send process to halt on some servers.
- Removed extra quotation mark in content-type header for survey.tpl.
- Added mysql_real_escape_string() function to fix filtering contacts based on link clicked.
- Added an index on the confirmed column in list_subscribers. Also added new database version and upgrade folder.
- Added new DB version and upgrade folder
- Fixed a bug where the application allowed email suppressions without an @ symbol prepending them.
- Added additional countries to country list.
- Fixed undefined offset error in jobs_autoresponders.php.
- Fixed segment rule 'has not opened any campaign' returning all contacts.
- Fixed datepicker for second date field in segment date range selection.
- Removed the pgsql option from install script.
- Fixed dynamic content tags so that all matching blocks will be included, rather than only the first.
- Fixed newsletter attachment search to skip disabled newsletters.
- Fixed checking dynamic content tags when no subscriber is present, such as archived campaigns.
- Fixed permission problem for downloading survey attchments.
- Fixed date formatting in web version.
- Fixed an issue with duplicate confirmations and confirmation failure on deleted forms.
- Fixed undefined index error for subscriberid in display.php.
- Fixed rendering of install page.
- Fixed character encoding in MySQL to use UTF-8 when available.
- Fixes error generated when a contact is created.
- Removed duplicate language file defines in admin/com/language/defaults/forms.php.
- Removed code dealing with non-existant user permissions in admin/functions/users.php.
- Fixed call to undefined function in dynamiccontenttags.php.
- Fixed bounce details form to display correctly in IE8.
- Fixed Stats_API:: error.
- Setup IEM to explicitly choose UTF-8 character set by default.
- Additional fixes for low credit reminder emails.
- Added missing parentheses to denote group to fully fix Send to Friend link issue in api.php.
- Added upgrade script to populate list permissions for existing lists.
- Additional fixes for Dynamic Content Tags block selection logic.
- Use mysql_set_charset() in DBFACTORY and Installer classes to set everything to UTF-8.
- Replace space with underscore in File Uploads for Surveys.
- Added logic to escape survey links properly, so that they are replaced properly later in the send process.
- Moved Google Calendar login test button to correct tab in User Settings.
- Additional fixes for user credit issues.
- Fixed survey attachment filename handling.
- Fix for memory limit issue
- Remove empty subscriber data records, and prevent them from being created.
- Removed reference to discounted prices with, since we do not appear to have discounted prices.
- Changed SELECT query for statistics when sending to a segment to valid SQL.
- Remove unused folders in temp folder
- updated Installer.class.php for errors and system log addon
- Fix upgrade error. Also fixed various upgrade issues.
- Fix already defined error
- Remove deprecated user permission references in template file
- Upgrading TinyMCE to 3.4.2
- Fix monthly credit check timezone issue and datetime php error
- Fixed an issue where non-admins couldn't delete triggers
- Changed it so that users can not delete a list or subscriber while a campaign is sending to it
- Fixed an issue where installer was giving an error regarding config.php before installation
- Added in the import folder
- Changed list delete process to open a new window to allow users to continue using the application while deleting a list
- Fixed an issue where bounce processing gave imap error when bounce processing is disabled. Repaired IEM-332. Disabled the ability for users to delete list/subscribers when a campaign is sending to that list/subscriber.
- Application checks stats_newsletters for campaign credits and user_credit for everything else.
- Properly checks for future sends when calculating credit
- Use the 'jobs' table instead of 'stats_users' in /record/Users.class.php when checking credit for future sends
- Modify list delete
- Fixed surveys throw DOM_INDEX_SIZE_ERR exception
- Fixed when a URL matches the application URL link tracking is not applied.
- Fixed an issue where multiple exports did not complete
- Fixed an issue that caused the maintenance job to time out
- Fixed an issue with exporting multiple lists
- Fixed dynamic content tags can not be deleted.
- Fixed an issue with searching for contacts by "opened a specific campaign" in postgresql.
- Fixed a bug with deleting or emptying multiple lists
- Working to resolve newsletter session issues
- Added error handling for upgrade files that are not found/not readable
- Added proper error handing for addsubscribertolist method.
- Fixed the bug where users were unable to use some uploaded images.
- Re-factored the function that caused the users directory to be copied to each newsletter
- Fixing issues and cleaning/removing deprecated code
- Fixed pause permission missing from autoresponders page
- Fixed get text content from editor does not work in Chrome or FireFox
- Fixed exporting multiple contact lists with different custom fields causes export to hang indefinitely
- Fixed 'remember me' option for log in
- Fixed ability to delete dynamic content tags
- Fixed XSS vulnerabilities in the 'Page' query string
- Fixed XML API function parameters not passed to API functions properly
- Fixed browse survey responses returns invalid survey id
- Fixed assorted user permission issues
- Fixed php notices when editing contacts
- Fixed graphic representation of charts not showing when viewing print preview of email campaign statistics
- Fixed Cyrillic characters break import popup window
- Fixed blank page when viewing contacts
- Fixed icons in dynamic content blocks get misaligned
- Fixed function LoadSubscriberList does not take list id into account
- Fixed special characters in chart labels are not labelled correctly in split test statistics
- Fixed php notices when creating a date type custom field.
- Fixed modify details forms do not correctly pull data for numbers only fields
- Fixed survey file uploads do not work if field is required
- Fixed exporting Contacts from two different user accounts within the same group or shared contact list produces a different result set
- Fixed outdated documentation links
- Fixed invalid emails cause permanent partial sends
- Fix ie9 tinymce error
- Fix tinymce background issue
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