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Old 11-10-2011, 12:22 PM
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Unhappy Where is this Bounce error coming from?

Hi guys,

I'm running IEM 6.0.2

I am getting hourly email error messages with the subject "Invalid Login Details for Bounce Processing"

The emails contain the error "Certificate failure for "MyMailServer": self signed certificate:"

I followed the instructions in the error email for list id=1 , however 'Test Bounce Settings' for that Contact List work fine (as it does in the Default Bounce Settings).

I have tried the Knowledge Base solution which doesn't work.

'Do not validated certificate' was already ticked, so it shouldn't be checking a certificate anyway.

I tried unchecking the box "Process Bounced Emails" for the Contact List in question, and then later for all my contact lists.

I have tried disabling all previously sent email campaigns

I have tried unsetting default bounce in the Bounce Settings

I have tired Disabling Bounce Processing in the Cron Settings

I have tried disabling Cron altogether in IEM and removing the cron tab in cPanel. I still got error emails every hour - how is that even possible? Especially when it says in the email header that the source is IEM's cron.php file.

Trying to find the issue is a very slow process as I have to wait an hour to find out if the change I made worked or not!

Another issue is that, it was becoming an problem that all the error emails were being sent to a shared work email address, so I tried to change where the errors were sent. I couldn't manage this either. I changed the email address in the User Settings tab and in the User Admin Notifications tab. It does not appear anywhere else in IEM that I can see (the contact list owner is a different email). I even did a search of the database in phpMyAdmin to see if it appeared anywhere else - it doesn't.

I'm totally lost as to where these Bounce error emails are coming from.

Anyone got any ideas?


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