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Old 09-08-2013, 11:58 PM
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Default Mail rejected, error #< #5.6.1 smtp;554 5.6.1 Body type not supported by Remote Host>

Hi all,

We have realized that SOME servers do not accept the email sent with Interspire. The bounced emails have the following error:
#< #5.6.1 smtp;554 5.6.1 Body type not supported by Remote Host> #SMTP#.

We are using a combination of IE 2010 and IIS ver6.0 on a 2003 server. The IIS is where we have the SMTP.

We thought that this might be caused by the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SMTP service which advertises a 8-bit MIME message relay. So we have turned off this function but unfortunately it didn't change anything.

The server rejecting our messages runs an Atmail mail service on a Linux platform.

We have sent the same email with Outlook and this email was sent ok. Looking at the emails header the only difference is that the
Interspire has "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bits" and,
Outlook has "Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary" .

Have you got into this situation? Do you have any advice for us. Any help will be much appreciated.

We also have a support ticket with Interspire but not happy with the answer we've got so far.

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